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Accroding to Bronsted-Lowry definition, a base is
a proton acceptor
A solar eclipse can only occur at a
new moon
Part of the Sun that we can see without any instuments
the photosphere
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Purine Bases
Adenine and Guanine
What layer of the Earth's atmosphere does most of our weather occur
Dinosaurs first appear
Id, ego, superego
Sigmund Freud
Four chromatids would be considered ?
All of Saturn's moons are composed predominantly of what substance?
Ice (30-40% rock & 60-70% ice)
These clouds are named for their smooth, round, lens-like shape and commonly form over mountains
6th letter of Greek alphabet
7th letter of Greek alphabet
8th letter of Greek alphabet
Has the lowest blood pressure
posterior vena cava
Common name for the molecule dihydrogen dioxide
hydrogen peroxide
A parsec = ?
3.26 light years
Temperature of the Earth's core is:
as hot as the surfce of the sun
This mineral has the nickname "bloodstone" becaue it gives a deep red color on a treak test. What it its chemical formula?
Barbara McClintock is famous for discovering:
Jumping Genes
Units of potential difference
Darwin's finches are an example of evolution of a speices by the:
Fonder effect
Of the three types of meteorites, whci his the most common, in terms of the number of smaples, to fall to Earth in recorded history
Stony meteorites
During which equinoxes are day and night of equal length around the world
autumnal and vernal equinoxes
Reaction of an acid with an alcohol to form an ester and water is called:
What is the thinnest layer of the Sun's atmosphere?
The corona
The only 2 planets to rotate from East to West
Venus & Uranus
magma that reached the Earth's surface is called:
Carbohydrates are made of:
Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
In which of the following areas of the human body is the olecranon process found