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Saxum, i
(n) stone, rock, reef, cliff, crag
Sedes, sedis
(f) seat; abode, habitation; bottom; tomb, shrine; place, region
Sidus, eris
(n) star, constellation, meteor; season, weather; heaven
silva, ae
(f) forest, woods, trees
socius, i
(m) ally, comrade, follower
(of) himself, herself, itself, themselves; him, her, it, them
(superl of superus) highest
superus, a, um
upper, higher, above. (subst) god, divinity
supremus, a, um
(superl. of superus) highest
suus, a, um
his, her, its, their (own)
talis, e
such, of such sort, the following
tantus, a, um
so great, so much, so far
tectum, i
(n) roof; house, home, abode
tellus, uris
(f) earth, land, country
telum, i
(n) weapon; wound, blow
ventus, i
wind, breeze, blast, air
terra, ae
(f) earth, land, country, soil
Teucrus, a, um
Teucrian, Trojan
totus, a, um
all, every, whole, full
tristis, e
sad, unhappy, dreary, fatal
Troja, ae
(f) Troy, a city of Asia Minor
Tuus, a, um
yours, your own
Tyrius, a, um
Tyrian, Carthaginian
ullus, a, um
any, anyone
umbra, ae
(f) shade, shadow, ghost
umerus, i
(m) shoulder
unda, ae
(f) wave, billow, water, sea
unus, a,um
one, only, alone, single
urbs, urbis
(f) city, town
vates, is
(m) prophet, seer, bard
via, ae
(f) way road, journey, street
victor, oris
(m) victor; adj victorious
vir, i
(m) real man; hero; husband
(plural of vis) force, violence, energy
vis, vis
(f) force, violence, energy
vita, ae
(f) life, soul, spirit
vox, vocis
(f) voice, word, speech, sound