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The ______________________
make this area good for growing crops like barley, dates, fruit, wheat, and cotton.
Tigres Euphrates Rivers
During the Roman rule, ________ began preaching a new religion. He said that he was the ______ of God.
Jesus, Son
The leader of Iraq since the 1970s is
Saddam Hussein
_________, followers of Islam, learn Arabic to read their holy book, the ________
Muslims, Quran (Koran)
In 1990, Iraq invaded the oilrich country of ____________
__________ and _______________
describe Israel's economy.
Modern and Diverse
Iraq has the second-largest known ______ reserves.
Saudi Arabia's governmnet is a ___________ ruled by the
___________ family with no written ________________
monarchy, Saudi,
List two reasons why President Bush asked for Congressional approval to attack Iraq:
1. He has refused Nuclear Weapons Inspections in the past.
2. He is accused of creating biological weapons of mass destruction.
Israel's government lead is the _________ ____________.
Prime Minister
In ancient days, the nation of Iraq was known as ____________ where some of the world's earliest ___________ developed
Mesopotamia civilizations
_________ and its related industries is the most important part of the Saudi economy
The United States helped fight the __________ ________
______ of 1991 where the Iraqs were forced out of Kuwait.
Persian Gulf War
The area that was known as Palestine became the nation of Israel in 1948 and the Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting even before that time since both groups have claims to the
Saudi Arabia is the world's leading exporter of ______ and the leader of __________, which influences the price of oil on world markets.
oil, OPEC
These areas are sometimes called the
Occupied Territories.
The two religious divisions within Islam are called ________, which is the largest branch, and _______, the second-largest branch.
Sunni, Shia
In 1967, following a war with its Arab neighbors, Israel captured the _______ ________, ________ _________, and the ________ __________.
Gaza Strip
Galan Heights
West Bank
Islam began in the year______
when _________ had a vision that he had been named a prophet by ___________.
610 A.D., Muhammed, Allah-God
What two things did this religion stress as being more important than Judaism's many laws?
faith & love for others
The rights of women in Saudi Arabia are very limited. Give evidence to support this statement from the passage.
1. Women rarely appears in public without husband or male relative. 2. Not allowed to drive cars.
When the Roman Empire conquered the area which they called Palestine, they forced most Jews to leave the region. This was called the ________.
Two major Islamic celebrations are:
1. Journey to Mecca
2. Ramadan
The Jewish holy day is on
Saudi Arabia uses ___________ to remove the salt from seawater so that it can be drinkable and used to water crop.
About 82% of Israel's population is ____________.
Israel was first established in ancient times by the __________, ancestors of the Jews.
A movement called ____________ in the mid 1800s called for the Jews to return to their homeland and many thousnds began moving to the area.
Two Jewish celebrations are:
______________ and ___________
Yom Kippur, Passover
According to Jewish law, Jews are forbidden to eat ________
and ________________.
pork and shellfish
Many religious groups visit Mecca each year.
________ _________ is the largest of the occupied territories. See notes from internet research over the conflict.
West Bank
In the mid-600's, the _____________ conquered Palestine.
The government of Israel today is ____________________________.
Parlimentary Democracy