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Satellite nations
countries in eastern europe controlled by soviet union
What was the US foreign policy after ww2
What was iron curtain and who gave it?
described the division of communist and non communist

winston churchill
truman doctrine
any country in europe fighting communism would get aid from military
what was the cold war
conflicting ideas b/t us and ussr
marshall plan
economic aid to countries who agreed to trade
how did the marshall plan differ from truman plan
economic vs military
identify NATO
north atlantice trade organization
Warsaw pact
communist alliance of countries in eastern europe
limited war
no nuclear weapons used
What was the HUAC
house un american activities committee

heavily investigate movies for communism
alger hiss
accused of spying for the soviets
purpose of CIA
obtain info on foreign countries
eisenhower doctrine
give aid to fight communism in middle east
first artificial satellite
who were the two presidents during the korean war
eisenhower and truman
who was the president when the red scare began
what did the GI bill do
provide loans for colleges, homes, and businesses
taft-hartley act
how truman delt with strikers and it placed more controls on unions
southren democrats who didnt support truman and his stand on civil rights
Checkers speech
tv speech to defend nixon of illegal actions
who was president after truman
richard nixon
white flight
people moving into suburbs and were white
suburb housing developments
what were fallout shelters and duck and cover associated with
nuclear attacks
purpose of interstate and defnese highway act?
eisenhower started building interstates
berlin airlift
planes dropped supplies into berlin
purpose of the united nations
have international security help make decisions
who were the 5 permanent members of the UN
us,ussr,china,france,great britain
organizations of american states
created the halt of expansion of communsim in SE asia
intercontinental ballistic missile