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1. unable to compromise about points of doctrine
2. dogmatic
3. yielding
Weng ad hoped that the student-led democracy movement might bring about change in China, but the repressive response fo the docrtirnaire hard-liners crushed his dreams of democracy.
1. teaching in general
2. particular principle taught
He was so committed to the doctrines of his faith that he was unable to evalute them impartially
take off
A gentleman used to doff his hat to a lady.
1. determined
2. stubborn
Les Miserables tells of inspeactor Javert's long. dogged pursuit of the criminal Jean Valjean.
poor verse
Although we find occasional snatches of genuine poetry in her work, most of her writing is mere doggerel.
1. opinionated
2. arbitrary
3. doctrinal
We tried to discourage Doug from being so dogmatic, but never oculd convince him that his opinions might be wrong.
1. blues
2. listlessness
3. slack period
Once the excitement of meeting her deadline was over, she found herslef in the doldrums.
He found the doleful lamentations of the bereaved family emotionally disturbing and he left as quickly as he could.
stupid person
The heroes of Dumb and Dumber are, as the title suggests, a classic pair of dolts.
Although his legal domicile was in New York City, his work kepthim away from his residence for many years.
rule over tyrannically
Students prefer teachers who guide, not ones who domineer.
put on
When Clark Kent has to don his Superman outfit, he changes clothes in a convenient phone booth.
1. sleeping
2. lethargic
3. latent
At fifty her long-dormant ambition to write flared up once more; within a year she had completed the first of her great historical novels.
window projecting from room
In remodeling the attic into a bedroom, we decided that we needed to put in dormers to provide sufficient ventilation for the new room.
file of documents on a subject
Ordered by J. Edgar Hoover to investigate the senator, the FBI compild a complete dossier on him.
1. be excesively fond of
2. show signs of mental decline
Not only grandmothers bore you with stories about their brilliant grandchildren, grandfathers dote on the little rascals too.
Poor old Alf clearly doted: the senile old dotard was pst it; in fact, he was in his dotage.
1. plunge into water
2. drench
3. extinguish
They doused each other with hoses and water balloons.
1. slovenly
2. untidy
She tried to change her dowdy image by buying a new fahionable wardrobe.
1. disheartened
2. sad
Cheerful and optimistic by nature, Beth was never downcast despite the difficulties she faced.
1. dull
2. lacking color
3. cheerless
The Dutch woman's drab winter coat contrasted with the distinctive, colorful native constume she wore beneath it.
extremely severe
When the principal canceled the senior prom because some seniors had been late to school that week, we thought the draconian punishment was far too harsh for such a minor violation of the rules.
1. sediment
2. worthless residue
David poured the wine carefully to avoid stirring up the dregs.
1. nonsense
2. foolishness
Why do i have to spend my days listening to such idiotic drivel?
Drivel is related to dribble: think of dribbling, driveling idiot.
queer and amusing
He was a popular guest because his droll anecdotes were always entertaining.
1. idle person
2. male bee
Content to let his wife support him, the would-be writer was in reality nothing but a drone.
1. waste matter
2. worthless impurities
Many methods have been devised to separate the valuable metal from the dross.
menial work
Cinderella's fairy godmother rescued her from a life of drudgery.
1. malleable
2. flexible
3. pliable
Copper is an extremely ductile material: you can stretch it into the thinnest wires, bend it, even wind it into loops.
sweet sounding
The dulcet sounds of the birds at dawn were soon drowned out by the roar of traffic passing our motel.
someone easily fooled
When the gullible Watson often was made a dupe by unscrupulous parties, Sherlock Holmes was far more difficult to fool.
1. double dealing
2. hypocrisy
When Tanya learned that Mark had been two-timing her, she was furious at his duplicity.