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"to criticize severely; to scold"
"a playful or mischievous youngster; scamp"
"aggressive; savage; cruel"
"to take over; to enslave"
"to discard; to cast off; to shed"
"quiet; uncommunicative"
"unrestrained; widespread"
"to the point; concise"
"a strong liking; attraction"
"worthless; insignificant
"someone who takes advantage of the situation"
"to hold or state an opinion"
"to make less severe; mollify"
"evil speech; curse"
"absurd; ridiculous"
"in motion; active"
"silly; insignificant"
"an opinion expressed in defiance of generally accepted ideas"
"to provide shelter or refuge; to hide"
"sneaky; secretive"
"difficult to please"
"heavenly; fine; delicately beautiful"
"known to
"extremely happy; overjoyed"
"extremely sad"
"causing lateness; stalling"
"to disapprove; to belittle"
"the act of yielding to someone else out of respect"
"guilty; blameworthy"
"riddle; mystery"
"to surrender; to yield"
"decay; disease; widespread death"
"to relieve; to ease; to pacify"
"reluctantly agreeable; compliant"
"to grow gradually larger"
"to move back and forth between choices; unable to decide"
"without making a mistake"
"existing everywhere at the same time"
"strong; persistent; determined to hold on"
"false; fake; misleading"
"equal; comparable"
"help; assistance; relief"
"short and to the point; terse"
"to give in; to acquiesce; to relinquish"
"to disown; to reject"
"mental sharpness; keen insight; shrewdness"
"stubborn; unyielding"
"beginner; novice"
"smooth; sweetly flowing; sweet-sounding"
"reluctant; unwilling"
"to lose energy or motivation; to become weak or depressed"
"unwilling or unable to believe"
"to fill
"gap; interruption; a pause"
"to explode
"false; misleading"
"fond of parties; sociable"
"speech or writing intended to impress the audience; pompous"
"boring; trite; insipid"
"skillful in the use of hands
"empty; stupid; purposeless"
"to move in a wavy manner"
"thin; flimsy"
"having a false or misleading appearance; seemingly true
"trying to incite a revolt against an authority figure"
"promoting health"
"strongly scented; fragrant"
"constantly complaining"
"mature at a young age"
"calm; unemotional"
"equality or equivalence; balance among a group of rivals"
"burdensome; oppressive"
"to eliminate the need for something; to make unnecessary"
"extremely evil"
"to say evil or harmful things about someone; defame; vilify"
"of a great height; noble"
"to express sorrow; complain"
"quiet; of few words; terse"
"harmless; inoffensive"
"very poor"
"making quick decisions and taking sudden action; hasty; impulsive"
"lacking a plan; aimless"
"disapprove; belittle"
"large; roomy; spacious"
"to leave behind or hand down through a will; transmit"
"to notice; pay attention to"
"unoriginal; trite"
"to stir into action; rouse; incite"
"to praise highly; extol"
"to sap the strength; weaken"
"lively; perky; sprightly"
"words or behavior filled with harshness
"blindly devoted to a cause or organization"
"behaving like a meek
"filled with joy"
"dull; flat; without sparkle or flavor"
"native to a particular country or among a particular group"
"swollen; extended"
"pushy; obnoxiously self-assertive"
"a religious curse
"the highest point; apex"
"a comment that is off the main topic"
"a large number; many"
"to place side by side
"a collection of sounds or voices that don’t blend well; harshness of sound"