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Atmosphere (N)
the air in a given place. gaseous envelope surrounding a celestial body.
Ozone in the upper atmosphere provides us a layer of protection against the sun's harmful rays.
caustic (adj)
capable of burning,disolving, or corroding through chemicals action
Caustic solutions should be handled by expeienced chemists, not novice students.
Related to blood by orgin. or the same or similar nature.
Since they share tha same origins, it is no surprise that many of Spanish words are cognate with Italian words.
prevalent in or peculiar to a particular locality,region or people.
Malaria is a disease that is endemic to tropical areas.
Existing in a savage or untamed state.
There is a world of difference between a tame dog and a feral one,beware of the latter
Fertile (adj)
Bearing or producing abundunt vegatation:highly productive:capable of reproducing.
Because its rich soil led to improved agriculture, ancient Mesopotomia was dubbed the Fertile Crescent.
Fetid (adj)
Possessing an offensive odor; stinking
The refrigerator reeked of fetid cheese.
Frigid (adj)
Extremely cold: devoid of warnth : stiff and unresponsive
"Snowbirds" are people who flee frigid, New york winters for the warmth of Florida
innate (Adj)
Possessed as and essential characteristic;inborn; originating naturally rather than derived form experience.
Justin's innate athleticism made him a quick learner at football practice.
Kernal (noun)
A seed or grain enclosed in a husk, the core; the heart
Desmond used to love ot eat popcorn,until he cracked his tooth on a kernal that had not popped.
lush (adj)
Full and luxuriant;plentiful;
covered with abundant growth
The lush vegetation and exotic flowers made the hotel
in the Dominic Republic a beautiful place to stay and take pictures
Extending a presence or influence throughout
Even though the roses were planted in the backyard,their pervasive scent filled the entire house.(along with the garlic???
Quagmire (Noun)
A soft wet area of low-lying earth. A difficult or treacherous situation
Torrential rain and poor drainage turned the soccer feild into a quagmire.
synthetic (adj)
NOt of natural origin; artificial or human- made.
Synthetic diamonds are much cheaper than real ones.
temperate ( adj)
moderate in degree or quality; not extreme or excessive.
Those who dislike extreme heat or cold often opt to live in temperate climates.
viscous (adj)
having a reatively high resistance to flow; adhesive or sticky.
If the varnish is too viscous to work with, you can thin it with turpentine.