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Concise: adj.
brief and to the point (con-altogether + cis cut)
Laconic: adj.
disposed to using few words (Latin term for Spartans, who spoke little)
Succinct: adj.
spoken or written in a clear and precise manner
Brusque: adj.
rudely abrupt
Abridge: v.
to shorten a written text
Brevity: n.
quality of succinct expression (brev-brief + -ity quality of)
Conspire: v.
to plan together secretly to commit an illegal act (con-together + -spire
Concur: v.
to agree (con-together + -cur run)
Concord: n.
a state of harmony (con-together + -cur run)
Congenital: adj.
existing at birth (con-together + gen born)
Schism: n
a division into political or religious factions (cis cut)
Incisive: adj.
having or indicating keen insight (in- in + cis cut)
Judicious adj.
showing sound judgement; prudent (jud judge + -ious full of)
Adjudicate v.
to hear and judge a case (jud judge + -ate to do)
Astute adj.
shrewd; keen
Scrutinize v.
to examine carefully (scruta examine + -ize to do)
Perjure v.
to lie under oath ( per- through + jur oath)
Prudent adj
using good judgment (prudentia knowledge)
Jurisprudence n.
the science of philosophy of law ( jur-law + diction declaration)
Adjure v.
to command solemnly, as under oath (ad-to + jud judge)
Adjudge v.
to determine based upon the law (ad-to + jud judge
Acumen n.
keenness of judgement (acus sharp)
Inscrutable adj
beyond comprehension or examination (in- not + scruta examine)
Allegation n.
a formal accusation (ad-to + legare dispute)
Eloquent adj.
well spoken (e- out + loqu talk)
Loquacious adj
very talkative (loqu talk + -ious full of)
Circumlocution n.
evasive speech; talking around the subject (circum around + loqu talk)
Colloquial adj
conversational; using everyday language (co-together + loqu talk)
Grandiloquent adj.
speaking in a pompous manner (grand- great + loqu talk + -ent adjective)
Elocution n
expressive delivery of public speech (e- out + loqu talk + -tion noun)
Garrulous adj.
Pontificate v.
to speak pompously (pontifex high priest)
Verbose adj.
wordy (verb- word + -ose full of)
Verbatim adv.
Word for word (verb- word)
Soliloquy n.
a speech to one’s self (solo alone + loqu talk)
Discursive adj.
straying from the topic (dis- away + curs course)
Benefactor n.
one who supports or helps another (bene- good + fact to make)
Benign adj
harmless (bene good)
Benevolent adj.
kind considerate (bene-good + vole wish)
Eulogy n.
a praising tribute (eu-good + logia discourse)
Ingratiate v.
to put onself in good favor with another (in- + grat to please)
Beneficiary n.
one who receives benefits (bene- good + fic to make)
Gratuity n.
a small payment in gratitude (grat- thank)
Gratis adj.
free of charge (gra-thank)
Gratify v.
to please (grat-please)
Euphoria n
a feeling of extreme happiness (eu-good)
Euphonious n.
sweet sounding (eu- good + phon sound)
Immutable adj.
unchangeable (im-not + mut change)
Metamorphosis n.
a transformation (meta- change + morph form)
Rupture v.
to break open (rupt- break)
Transmute v.
to transform (trans- across + mut change)
Amorphous adj.
lacking shape, changeable in form (a- without + morph shape)
Mercurial adj.
erratic, subject to wild changes in character (form the speedy god Mercury)
Protean adj.
capable of assuming different forms (from the form- changing sea god Proteus)
Mutate v.
to change form (mut- change)
Fickle adj.
likely to change opinion unpredictably
Fluctuate v.
to vary irregularly (flux flow)
Vacillate v.
to change one’s mind repeatedly
Revamp v.
to revise; to renovate (re- again)
Amend v.
to improve, to remove the faults of
Hackneyed adj.
overused, trite
Mundane adj.
ordinary, typical (mund-world)
Vacuous adj.
lacking substance (vac-empty)
Prosaic adj.
unimaginative, ordinary
Insipid adj.
uninteresting, dull , without flavor (in-not + sapere taste)
Banal adj.
ordinary, trivial
Pedestrian adj.
commonplace, ordinary
Dormant adj.
inactive, sleeping (dormire sleep)
Unanimous adj.
in full agreement (un-one + forma form)
Uniform adj.
unvarying, always the same (un- one + forma form)
Equanimity n.
quality of being even-tempered (equa- same + anima mind)
Magnanimous adj.
noble of heart, generous (manga- great + anima mind)
Recalcitrant adj.
stubbornly resistant to authority (re-back + calcitrare kick)
Sanguine adj
cheerfully optimistic (sanguis blood)
Phlegmatic adj.
Melancholy adj
sad, depressed (melan- black + choler bile)
Choleric adj
easily angered (choler- bile + -ic characterized by)
Lethargic adj.
sluggish; dully apathetic
Splenetic adj.
irritable, easily angered (splen- spleen)
Querulous adj.
disposed to complaining
Dolorous adj.
marked by or expressive of sorrow or pain (dolor- pain)
Animosity adj.
hostility, ill-will (animosus bold)
Pusillanimous adj
cowardly (pusillus weak + anima spirit
Lassitude n.
feeling of weakness or listlessness
Spurious adj.
fake; counterfeit
Guile n.
trickery; deceit
Beguile v.
to deceive with charm
Stratagem n.
a deceitful scheme (strategos army general)
Surreptitious adj.
deceptive; sneaky (sub- secretly + rapere seize
Clandestine adj.
secret; hidden
Stealth n.
sneakiness; ability to avoid detection
Duplicity n.
deceit; hypocritical deception (duplit twofold
Specious adj.
false, but plausible (specere to look at)
Furtive adj.
secretive; sneaky
Pseudonym n.
pen name (pseudo- fake + onoma name)
Fallacious adj.
deceptive; false (fallacia deceit + -ious full of)
Rapacious adj.
greedy; ravenous (rapere seize + -ious full of )
Extemporaneous adj
done with little or nor practice (ex tempore or time)
Transient adj.
fleeting; short lived (transpire to go across)
Ephemeral adj.
short-lived (hemera day)
Sporadic (adj)
irregular or unpredictable; infrequent (sporas scattered
Capricious adj.
Evanescent adj.
likely to vanish (vanescere to disappear)
Anachronism n.
something out of place in time (ana- backward + chronos time)
Transitory adj.
lasting for a short time (transitus gone aross)
Expedite v.
to speed up (ex- out + pedis foot)
Influx n.
a flowing in (in- in + fluere to flow)
Superfluous adj.
beyond what is necessary or sufficient (super- over + fluere to flow)
Contemporaneous adj.
existing or occurring at about the same time (con-together + tempore time)
Interminable adj.
never ending (in- not + term end)
Protracted adj.
prolonged; extended in time (pro- forward + tract pull)
Censure n.
official condemnation; harsh criticism; strong disapproval (censor Roman supervisor for morals)
Calumny n.
slander; false accusation
Diatribe n.
malicious criticism or abuse (dia- through + tribein to rub)
Caustic adj.
corrosive; sarcastic
Repudiate v
to cast off publicly (repudium divorce)
Derogatory adj.
An expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticism.; belittling (de-down, away)
Admonish v.
to reprimand mildly (ad- to + monere to warn)
Disparage v.
to belittle; to demean (dis- apart + parage rank, peer)
Impugn v.
to attack as untrue; to refute by argument (in- against + pugn to fight)
Malediction n.
a curse (mal- bad + dictus declared)
Denigrate v.
to attack the character of; to disparage
Harangue n.
a long critical, and pompous speech
Pejorative adj.
tending to make worse (pejor worse
Slander n.
comments that injure another’s reputation (scandalum scandal)
Sanctimonious adj.
falsely pious or self-righteous (sanctus holy)
Sacrosanct adj.
profoundly sacred (sacer scared + sanctus holy)
Sanctuary n.
a place of refuge; a sacred place (sanctus holy)
Sacrilegious adj.
grossly irreverent; disrespectful of something sacred (sacer sacred)
Revere v.
to regard with honor and devotion (re- intensive + vereri respect)
Pious adj.
showing religious reverence
Deference n.
respect for the wishes of others (de-away + ferre carry)
Sacrament n.
a formal religious act or oath (sacer sacred)
Venerable adj.
worthy of respect (venus respect)
Consecrate v.
to declare to be holy (sacer sacred)
Talisman n.
an object with magical power (telos result)
Lionize v.
to treat as a celebrity
Formidable adj.
awesome; hard to overcome; dreadful (formido fear)
Potent adj.
strong and effective (potens strong)
Bulwark n.
a strong defense
Indomitable adj.
unable to be conquered (in-not + domit lord)
Redoubtable adj.
arousing fear; formable; awesome (re- intensive + douter to doubt)
Robust adj.
full of vigor
Impervious adj.
incapable of being penetrated or affected (im- not + per- through + via road)
Efficacious adj.
capable of producing a desired effect (efficere to effect)
Stalwart n.
physically or morally strong person; strong supporter
Impotent adj.
lacking strength or power (im-not + potens strong)
Predominant adj.
most important (pre-before + domit lord)
Impregnable adj.
unable to be entered by force (im-not + prehendere grasp)
Brawn n.
muscular strength <all brawn and no brains>
Bastion n.
stronghold, fortress
Coalesce v.
to blend or fuse together (co- togheter)
Anthology n.
a collection of works
Convoke v.
to call together (con- together + vocare call)
Synchronize v
to arrange events to occur simultaneously (syn-same + chron time)
Synthesis n.
a fusion; a bringing together (syn- togheter + tithenai to put)
Eclectic adj.
made up of parts from many different sources (ec- out + legere to choose)
Yoke v.
to join different things
Amalgam n.
a combination of different substances into one mass
Amass v.
to gather, to pile up
Invoke v.
to call on for help or inspiration (in- in + vocare call)
Compatible adj
capable of living together harmoniously
Contemporary adj
living or occurring during the same time period (con- together + tempore time)
Predilection n.
a preference (pre-before + legere to choose)
Idiosyncrasy n.
a peculiar trait or habit (idio peculiar)
Ruthless adj.
cruel; merciless (rue regret + -less without)
Contempt n.
scorn; disrespect
Callous adj.
hardened; insensitive
Sadistic adj.
taking pleasure in the pain of others (from the marquis de sade)
Supercilious adj.
full of haughty arrogance (super- above + cilium eyebrow)
Anomaly n.
unusual event (an- not + homos same)
Incongruous adj.
inappropriate; not in keeping with a pattern (in- not + congru agree)
Fetter v.
to tie up; to chain
Notorious adj.
famous for bad things (notus known)
Decry v.
to speak out against (de-down + crier cry)
Vilify v.
to slander; to defame (vilis worthless)
Heinous (adj)
cruel and unusual (haine hatred)
Revile v.
to denounce abusively (vilis worthless)
Obsequious adj.
overly submissive (ob- to + sequi follow)
Atrophy v.
to weaken from disuse (a- without + troph nourishment)
Abate v.
to subside; to decrease in intensity (ad- to + batre to beat)
Porous adj.
filled with many holes (porous opening)
Wane v
to grow smaller or less intense
Lassitude n.
a feeling of weakness (lassus weary)
Undermine v
to weaken or diminish something
Attrition n.
a wearing away of strength or morale
Enervate v.
to weaken someone’s vitality
Vulnerable adj.
prone to attack or harm
Ebb v
to decrease or decline slowly
Compliant adj.
submissive (pli fold)
Debilitate v.
to sap the strength of (de- away + bilis strength)
Quiescent adj.
resting; quiet (quies rest)
Placid adj.
calm (plac to please)
Inert adj.
sluggish inactive (in- not ertem active)
Listless adj.
sluggish; without energy (-less without)
Serene adj.
tranquil; calm; placid (serenus peaceful, calm)
Static adj.
stationary (status standing)
Lethargic adj
lazy; sluggish
Moratorium n
Stagnate v.
to become inactive; to become stale (status standing)
Torpor n.
A state of sluggishness, inactivity, and apathy
Torpid adj.
Dormant; hibernating.
Hiatus n.
a break in the continuity of something
Respite n.
rest; time of relief; pause (respite delay)
Belligerent adj.
warlike, quarrelsome (bellum war)
Irascible adj.
easily angered (ire anger)
Volatile adj.
explosive; tending to evaporate quickly (vola to fly)
Rebuttal n.
refutation; opposing response to an argument (re- back)
Refute v.
to disprove; to rebut forcefully (reutare to drive back)
Incite v.
to urge into action (citare to cause to move)
Pugnacious adj
quarrelsome; warlike (pugnare fight)
Bellicose adj.
warlike in manner (bellum war)
Harass v.
To bother; to annoy
Assail v
to attack or assault (ad- at + salire leap)
Tumultuous adj
violently agitated
Instigate v
to goad; to urge on
Provocative adj.
tending to aggravate or stimulate (pro-forth + vocare to call)
Acrimony n
bitterness of feeling; harsh words (acri bitter + monia action or condition)
Appalling adj
shocking; causing dismay (paliar to grow pale)
Abysmal adj.
extremely bad; wretched
Acrid adj.
harsh smelling or tasting (acri bitter)
Blatant adj.
Unpleasantly loud and noisy
Deplorable adj.
worthy of reproach or censure (plorable to cry out in sorrow)
Egregious adj.
conspicuously bad; flagrant (e- out + greg herd)
Lurid adj.
shocking; sensational
Noisome adj.
offensively bad; reprehensible (noi harm)
Flagrant adj.
offensively bad; reprehensible
Heinous adj.
cruel; shockingly evil (haine hatred + -ous full of)
Astringent adj.
Sharp and penetrating
Ambulatory adj.
capable of moving around (amulare walk)
Deviate v.
to swerve or deflect (de- away + via path)
Influx n.
a flowing in (in- in + flux flow)
Meander v.
to wander aimlessly (from Greek river for its winding path)
Peripatetic adj.
traveling from place to place (peri- around + patein to walk)
Impel v.
to put into motion; to urge (pel force)
Expedite v
to speed up the progress of (ex- out + ped foot)
Itinerant adj.
traveling from place to place
Peripheral adj.
located on the outer boundary (peri- around)
Compel v.
to urge into action by force (com- together + pel force)
Vagrant adj.
wandering from place to place (vagus wandering)
Perambulate v.
to move about (per- through + ambulare walk)
Raze v.
to destroy completely
Abort v.
to terminate prematurely
Jettison v.
to throw overboard
Forgo v.
to give something up (for-away +go go)
Deplete v.
to decrease the supply of (deplare to empty)
Dearth n.
lack; scarcity (dear greatly valued)
rescind v.
to take back; to cancel (re- back + scindere cut)
efface v
to erase by rubbing (e- out + face appearance)
abdicate v.
to give up power (ab-away + dicare proclaim
renounce v.
to give up in a formal announcement
nullify v.
to make invalid (nullus none)
relinquish v.
to abandon or give up (re-back + linquere to leave)
Philanthropist n.
one who does good; lover of humankind (phila love + anthro hk)
Altruism n.
selflessness (alter other)
Amiable adj.
friendly; agreeable (amiscus friend)
Congenial adj.
friendly; pleasant (con- with + genialis pleasant)
Munificent adj.
generous (munus sharing)
Decorum n.
good manners; Appropriateness of behavior or conduct (decorous proper
Amity n.
friendship (amicus friend)
Decorous adj.
proper: <decorous behavior>(decorous proper)
Affable adj.
Friendly; kind (affabilis easy to converse with)
Gregarious adj.
sociable (greg flock)
Amicable adj.
polite and friendly (amicus friend)
Geniality n.
cheerfulness (genialis pleasant)
Ostentatious adj.
showy, pretentious (ostentare to display + -ious full of)
Pedantic adj.
a narrow concern for book learning and formal rules: <a pedantic attention to details> (paedere to instruct)
Grandiose adj.
pretentious; ridiculously exaggerated (grandis great)
Bombastic adj.
pompous; using inflated language
Braggart n.
one who boasts; a showoff (braguer to show off)
ostentatious adj. *
showy; pretentious (osntentare to display + -ious)
Pompous adj.
possessing excessive self-esteem; pretentious (pomp splendor + -ous full of)
Swagger v.
to walk or strut in an arrogant manner
Lofty adj.
haughty; overly proud
Garish adj
flashy; loud
Ornate adj.
overly decorated (ornatus to adorn)
Opulence adj.
luxuriousness (opulentus wealthy)
Gaudy adj.
showy in a tasteless way
Recalcitrant adj.
stubbornly rebellious
Dogged adj.
determined; unwilling to give up
Inexorable adj.
relentless (in- not + exorabilis able to be swayed)
Obstinate adj.
Stubbornly adhering to an attitude, opinion, or course of action
Intransigent adj.
Refusing to moderate a position; uncompromising
Contentious adj.
quarrelsome (contendere to strive after + -ious full of)
Pertinacity n
stubbornness (per-very + tenax holding fast)
Steadfast adj.
unchanging; unswerving (stede stand + foest firmly fixed)
Tenacious adj.
holding firmly; persistent (tenax holding fast)
Disputatious adj.
inclined to arguing (disputare to argue)
Obdurate adj.
intractable; not easily persuaded (obdurare to harden)
Intractable adj.
hard to manage; stubborn (in-not + tract pull)
Adamant adj
refusing to yield (adamas unbreakable)
Litigious adj.
prone to bringing lawsuits (lis lawsuit +agree to drive)
Preeminent adj.
Adroit adj.
dexterous; skillful
Unerring adj.
committing no mistakes; perfect (un-not + err to make a mistake)
Adept adj.
adroit, skillful
Expertise n.
knowledge or skill in a particular area
Discerning adj.
showing good judgment or keen insight (dis- off + cernere distinguish)
Agility n.
nimbleness (agilis to move)
Consummate adj.
Complete or perfect in every respect
Dexterous adj.
skillful with the hands (dexter skillful + -ious full of)
Impeccable adj.
flawless (im-not + peccare to sin)
Nefarious adj.
wicked; sinful (ne- not + fas lawful)
Repugnant adj.
offensive; repulsive (re- back + pugnare to fight
Infamous adj.
famous for bad deeds; notorious (in-not + famosus celebrated)
Odious adj.
worthy of dislike; arousing feelings of dislike (odiosus hateful)
Malevolent adj.
wishing harm to others; evil (mal evil + vol wish)
Malefactor n.
an evildoer (mal evil + facere to perform)
Abominable adj.
loathsome; unpleasant
Avarice n.
extreme greed
Bigotry n.
intolerance toward those who are different
Hypocrite n.
one who says one thing but does another (hypocrites Gr pretender)
Miserly adj.
lacking generosity (mis wretched)
Inimical adj.
unfriendly (in- not + amicus friend)
Curmudgeon n.
a cranky person
Misanthrope n.
one who hates humankind (mis hatred + anthro humankind)
Charlatan n
a fraud; a quack (chiarlatino a quack)
Ruse n.
a crafty scheme
Subterfuge n
a scheme; an attempt to deceive (subter secretly + fugere to flee
Dupe n.
one who is easily deceived
Pilfer v
to steal
Swindle v
to cheat
Gullible adj.
easily deceived
Embezzle v
to steal money from one’s employer
Machination n
a crafty scheme (machine device)
Bilk v
to cheat, to swindle
Larceny n
theft (larecin Fr theft)
Filch v
to steal
Fleece v
to defraud of money, to swindle
Hedonist n.
a pleasure seeker (hedone pleasure)
Ascetic n
one who lives a holy life of self-denial (asketes monk)
Anarchist n.
one who opposes all political authority (an- without + archos leader)
Pacifist n.
an individual who is opposed to violence (pacis peace + facere to make)
Atheist n.
one who does not believe that God exists (a- without + theos god)
Nihilist n
one who rejects moral distinctions and knowable “truths”
Despot n.
a tyrant; one who rules oppressively (despotes Gk absolute ruler)
Narcissist n
one in love with his/ her own image
Zealot n.
one who engages passionately in a cause
Sybarite n.
an individual who seeks luxury
Pessimist n.
an individual who focuses on the negative side of the situation (pessimus worst)
Optimist n.
one who focuses on the positive side of a situation (optimus best)
Fanatic n.
one who shows extreme enthusiasm for a cause (fanaticus enthusiastic)
Cajole v
to persuade by using flattery
Exhort v
to urge strongly (ex-thoroughly + hotari to urge)
Coerce v
to persuade through the use of force
Induce v
to cause (in- in + ducere to lead)
Coax v
to persuade using flattery
Provoke v
To incite to anger or resentment
Obligatory adj.
required (ob- to + ligare to bind)
Wheedle v
to influence by flattery
Goad v
to urge into action
Begrudge v
to give in to something reluctantly
Spur v
to goad into action
Prerequisite n
a requirement
Resigned adj.
accepting of one’s fate
Tactile adj.
able to be sensed by touch (tactilis to touch)
Olfactory adj
relating to the sense of smell (olere a to smell of + facere to make)
Gustatory adj.
relating to the sense of taste (gustare to taste
Auditory adj.
relating to the sense of hearing (audire to hear)
Discern v
to perceive as separate; to sense keenly (dis- away + cernere distinguish)
Pungent adj.
having a sharp or irritating odor (pungere to sting)
Palpable adj
detectable by touch (palpare to touch)
Ascertain v
to learn for certain
Savory adj.
pleasant tasting; appetizing
Putrid adj.
rotten; having a foul odor (putris rotten)
Perceptive adj.
able to perceive; aware
Perceive v
to become aware
Aural adj.
relating to the sense of hearing (auris ear)
Tangible adj.
detectable by touch; substantial 9tangere to touch)
Thwart v
to stop something before it is able to succeed
Deterrent n
something that acts to discourage (de- away + terrare to frighten)
Impede v
to slow the progress of, to block
Hinder v
to slow the progress of
Curtail v
to make less (curtus short)
Impediment n
something that works to impede progress; a hindrance
Stymie v
to present an obstacle to
Refrain v
to hold back from doing (re- back + frenare to restrain)
Abstinence n
the voluntary avoidance of something (abs- from + tenere to hold)
Tentative adj.
Hamper v
to restrict the progress of
Remuneration n.
payment for services (re- back + munerari to give)
Destitute adj.
completely penniless (destitutus abandoned)
Frugal adj.
economical; good with money (frux fruit, profit)
Impecunious adj.
Without money (im- not + pecunia money)
Improvident adj.
failing to provide for the future (im- not + pro- ahead + videre to see)
Parsimony n
extreme care in spending money (parsi- to spare, save + monium an action)
Venal adj.
able to be bribed (venalis that is for sale)
Thrifty adj.
economical; good with money
Pauper n
an extremely poor individual (pau little + parere to get)
Mercenary n
one who gives his services to the highest bidder (merces pay)
Perquisite n.
A tip; a gratuity
Insolvent adj.
bankrupt (in- not + solvent able to pay what one owes)
Indigent adj
impoverished, poor (indu- within + egere to need, want)
Pecuniary adj
pertaining to money (pecunia money)
Prophecy n
a prediction of the future (pro- before + phanai to speak)
Harbinger n
a precursor
Augur v
to predict the future
Premonition n
a forewarning (pre-before + monere to warn)
Portend v
to give advance warning of future events (pre- before monere to warn)
Prescient adj.
having knowledge of future events (pre- before + scientia knowledge)
Omen n
a sign of something to come
Foresight n
the ability to see things coming (fore- before)
Clairvoyant n.
one with great foresight (clair- clear + voyant seeing)
Portent n
an omen of future event (por- forward + tendere to extend)
Preempt v
to block by acting first (pre- before)
Premeditate v
to plan ahead of time (pre- before + meditari to consider)
Prophetic adj.
able to tell the future (pro- before + phanai to speak)
Bode v
to be an omen for something
Antiquated adj.
obsolete; outdated (antiquus ancient)
Archaic adj.
ancient (arch ancient)
Relic n
an object from an ancient time (re- back + linquere to leave)
Decrepit adj.
worn out from old age or use (de- down + crepare to break, to crack)
Antediluvian adj.
very old (ante- before + diluvim refer to biblical flood)
Defunct adj.
no longer in existence (defunctus dead, off-duty)
Perpetuate v
to keep from dying out (per- through + petere to seek)
Outmoded v
out of fashion; obsolete
Artifact n
an object of historical interest (ante skill + factum thing made)
Obsolete adj.
outmoded (ob- away + solere to be used)
Dilapidated adj.
worn out
Threadbare adj.
shabby; worn down such that the threads show
Archive n
a collection of historically interesting material (arch ancient)
Apprehensive adj
anxious about what is to come
Apathy n
lack of feelings; lack of interest (a- without + pathos emotion)
Contrite adj.
repentant (con- with + terere to wear down)
Lament v
to mourn, to show sorrow (lamentum a wailing)
Console v
to comfort (con- with + solari to comfort)
Impassive adj.
lacking emotion (im- not + passivus capable of feeling)
Ignominy n
humiliation; shame
Pathos n
pity; feeling of sorrow (pathos emotion)
Empathy n
the ability to identify with another’s feelings (em-in + pathos feeling)
Penitent adj.
feeling remorse for one’s actions
Sympathy n
the ability to share another’s feelings (syn- together + pathos feeling)
Poignant adj
causing a sharp emotional response (poindre to prick)
Remorse n
regret for past deeds (re- again + mordere to bite)
Antipathy n
strong feelings against something (anti- against + pathos feeling)
Ambiguous adj.
unclear in meaning (ambigere to wander)
Obscure adj.
not easily understood; indistinct (obscurus darkness)
Equivocal adj.
deliberately ambiguous or misleading (equi same + vocare to call)
Convoluted adj.
Intricate; complicated
Cryptic adj.
enigmatic; mysterious (crypto concealed, secret)
Unfathomable adj.
impossible to comprehend (un- not + fathom to grasp)
Nebulous adj.
vague; indefinite (nebula mist)
Enigma n
a mystery or riddle (enigma riddle)
Esoteric adj.
difficult to understand (Gr esoterikos belonging to an inner circle)
Ramble v
to wander aimlessly, either verbally or physically
Desultory adj.
aimless; prone to random digressions (desultorious skipping about)
Digress v
to go off topic (dis- away + gradi to step, to go)
Profound adj.
deep; insightful (pro- forth, fundus bottom)
Apocryphal adj.
Of questionable authorship or authenticity (apo- away + kyptein hide
Candor n
honesty; straightforwardness (candere to shine)
Affect v
to act unnatrually
Debunk v
to expose something as fraudulent
Forthright adj.
honest; straightforward
Disingenuous adj.
insincere; crafty (dis- away from + genuinus natural)
Candid adj.
straightforward; honest (candere to shine)
Dubious adj.
doubtful (dubium doubt)
Prevaricate v
to lie (pre- before + varicare to straddle)
Verisimilitude n
the quality of appearing to be true (verax true + similes like)
Outspoken adj.
Fraudulent adj.
deceitful (fraud deceit)
Façade n
outward appearance; a false front (faccia face)
Malapropism n.
the outrageous misuse of a word
Mirth n
merriment; laughter
Aesthetic adj.
relating to beauty or a theory of beauty
Satire n
a mocking literary or dramatic work
Curator n
the individual in charge of a museum (curare to take care of)
Witticism n
a clever or funny remark
Jocular adj.
done in a joking way (jocus joke)
Levity n
lack of seriousness (levis light weight
Bard n
a skilled poet
Parody n
a piece of writing or music that deliberately copies another work in a comic or satirical way (para beside + ode song)
Epic n
a lengthy poem that celebrates the life of a hero
Aesthete n
One who cultivates an unusually high sensitivity to beauty
Dilettante n
one who dabbles in an art : amateur(dilettare to delight)
Lampoon v
to make fun of
Reprehensible adj.
worthy of blame or censure
Chastise v
to punish or criticize (castus pure)
Reprove v
to scold (re- not + probus worthy)
Culpable adj.
deserving blame (culpa blame)
Indict v
to accuse of an offense (dictare to declare)
Reproach v
to blame; to express disapproval
Rebuke v
to scold (re-back + buke to strike)
Castigate v
to punish severely
Impeach v
to accuse of wrongdoing (im- in + pedica shackle)
Irreproachable adj
Berate v
to punish severely (be- thoroughly + rate to scold)
Culprit n
one guilty of a crime (culpa blame)
Acquit v
to clear of a charge (a- to + quite free)
Reprimand v
to scold (reprimare to reprove)
Scrupulous adj.
careful, ethical (scruples ethical standards)
Diligence n
hard work and dedication (diligentia attentiveness)
Meticulous adj.
attentive to detail (metus fear
Indefatigable adj.
untiring (in- not + fatigare to tire)
Spartan adj.
full of self-discipline
Painstaking adj.
meticulous; paying attention to detail
Assiduous adj.
hard working (sedere to sit)
Prolific adj.
extremely productive (pro- forth + facere to make)
Integrity n
honesty and virtue (integer whole)
Enterprising adj.
full of initiative and imagination (entreprendre to undertake)
Industrious adj.
hard-working; diligent
Resolute adj.
determined; willing to push on
Iconoclast n
one who challenges tradition (Gr eikon image + klan to break)
Conform v
to do what one is expected to do (com- together + formare to form)
Orthodoxy n
strict adherence to tradition (orthos straight, strict + doxa opinion)
Heresy n
opinion or action that violates traditional belief
Insurgent adj.
rebellious (in- against + surgere to rise)
Convention n
A practice or procedure widely observed in a group
Insubordination n
refusal to submit to authority (in- against + sub- under + ordinare arrange)
Renegade n
an outlaw (negare to deny)
Insurrection n
an uprising (in- against + surgere to rise)
Dissident n
one who strongly opposes accepted opinion (dis- apart + sedere to sit)
Mutiny n
a rebellion
Servile adj
overly submissive (servus slave)
Heretic n
one who dissents
Apostasy n
abandonment of a belief (apo- away from + stanai to stand)
Impertinent adj.
inappropriately bold (im-not + pertinere to concern)
Insolent adj.
rudely disrespectful (in- not + solere accustomed)
Affront n
an insult
Haughty adj.
overly proud (haut)
Crass adj.
rudely bold (im- not + pudere to cause shame)
Boorish adj.
crude, barbaric
Irreverence n
disrespect (ir- not + vereri to respect)
Flippant adj.
disrespectfully jocular; using humor inappropriately
Brazen adj.
bold and insolent
Truculent adj.
cruel and aggressive (trux fierce)
Effrontery n
boldness, brashness
Glacial adj
having a cold personality (like a glacier)
Rebuff v
to refuse in an abrupt or rude manner
Desiccated adj.
completely dried out
Arid adj.
extremely dry (arere to be dry)
Astral adj.
relating to the stars (astrume star)
Nautical adj.
pertaining to sailing (naus ship)
Lunar adj.
relating to the moon (luna moon)
Fecund adj
fertile; fruitful (fecundus fruitful)
Fallow adj.
unused; plowed but not cultivated
Cosmic adj
relating to the universe
Celestial adj.
relating to the sky (celum sky, heaven)
Arable adj.
able to be cultivated (arare to plow)
Desiccated adj.
completely dried out
Quagmire n
swampy land; difficult situation (quag bog)
Aquatic adj.
living in water (aqua water)
Cultivate v
to nurture; to grow crops (cultivus tilled)
Capacious adj.
having lots of room (capax able to hold a lot)
Paucity adj.
lack, scarcity (paucus few, little)
Surfeit n.
an excessive amount (sur- over + facere to do)
Copious adj.
abundant (copia abundance)
Barren adj.
Capacious adj.
having lots of room (capax able to hold a lot)
Scanty adj.
meager; barely enough
Replete adj.
completely filled (re-again + plere to fill)
Dearth n
a lack, scarcity
Voluminous adj.
having great size (volumen roll of writing)
Desolate adj.
deserted (de- completely + solus alone)
Diminutive adj.
tiny (de- completely + minuere to make small)
Meager adj.
inadequate (macer thin)
Rarefy v
to make less dense or less plentiful (rarus rare + facere to make)
Rife adj.
Despondent adj.
lacking hope (de- without + sperare hope)
Doleful adj.
filled with grief (dolus grief + -ful full of)
Anemic adj.
feeble; characterized by oxygen deficiency in blood (a- without + emia blood)
Malady n.
a disease (mal bad)
Anguish n
extreme suffering
Dirge n
a funeral song
Blight n
something that impairs or destroys
Affliction n
great suffering(ad- to + fligere to strike)
Elegy n
a poem or song relating to death
Epitaph n
an inscription found on a gravestone (Gr epi- over + taphos tomb)
Doldrums n
the blues; persistent unhappiness (dolus grief)
Adversity n
Etymology n
the study of the origin of words (etymon true sense + logos word)
Archaeology n
the study of past cultures (arkhaios ancient + logia study)
Anthropology n
the study of human cultures (anthros humankind + logia study)
Ethics n
A set of principles of right conduct
Semantics n
the study of the meanings of words and symbols (sema sign)
Theology n
the study of religion (theos god + logia study)
Pathology n
the study of disease (pathos suffering + logia study)
Sociology n
the study of human social behavior and social institutions (socius fellow + logia study)
Entomology n
the study of insects (entomon insect + logia study)
Genealogy n
the study of ancestry (genea descent + logia study)
Demographics n
the study of statistics relating to human populations (demos people + graphein to write)
Oncology n
the study of humors (onco tumor + logia study)
the study of fossils and ancient life (palai long ago + logia study)
Neurology n
the study of the human brain and nervous system
Hermit n.
one who prefers to live alone
Ostracize v
to exclude from a group
Exile n
a banishment (ex- away)
Expel v
to force to leave (ex- away + pellere to push)
Recluse n
one who likes to live alone (re- away + claudere to close)
Isolate v
to place something apart from everything else (insula island)
Solitude n
isolation; the quality of being alone (solus alone)
Outcast n
an individual who has been excluded from a group
Banish v
to force to leave an area
Pariah n
an individual who has been excluded from a group
Seclusion n
privacy (se- apart + caludere to close)
Quarantine n
a period of isolation for someone infected with a contagion
Disseminate v
to spread information (dis- away + seminare to sow)
Diverge v
to go apart (dis- away + vergere to turn)
Proliferate v
to grow rapidly; to produce offspring at a rapid pace (proles offspring)
Amass v
to accumulate; to gather together
Distend v
to swell; to increase in size (dis- apart + tendere to stretch)
Propagate v
to cause to multiply; to publicze; to travel through a medium (pro- forth)
Inundate v
to flood (in- into + undare to flow)
Diffuse v
to spread out, as a gas (dis- apart + fundere to pour)
Germinate v
to sprout; to grow (germen sprout)
Disperse v
to spread apart (dis- apart + spargere to scatter)
Rampant adj.
growing out of control (ramper to climb
Dissipate v
to scatter (dis- apart + supare to scatter)
Saturate v
to fill completely, as with a liquid or solute (satur fill)
Annex v
to attach; to acquire land to expand an existing country (ad- to + nectare to attach)
Addendum n
something added; a supplement to book (ad- onto
Postscript n
a message added after the completion of a letter (post- after + scriber to write)
Epilogue n
an extra chapter added onto the end of a novel (epi- in addition + logia words)
Append v
to add on (ad- to + pendere to hang)
Adjunct adj.
something joined or added to another thing but not essentially a part of it (ad- to + jungere to attach)
Augment v
to add onto; to make greater (augere to increase)
Cession n
the act of surrendering or yielding (cessare to yield)
Affix v
to attach physically
Appropriate v
to take another’s work or possessions as one’s own (ad- to + propius one’s own)
Encore n
an extra performance at the end of a show
Appendix n
supplementary material at the end of a text (ad- to + pendere to hang)
Supplement v
to add something to complete or strengthen a whole (supplere to complete)
paragon n.
a model of excellence; perfection (para- beyond)
deft adj.
adroit, skillful
vindicate v
to clear from blame
assuage v
to soothe anger or pain; to satisfy a hunger (sauvis agreeable, sweet)
mollify v
to soothe the anger of (mollis soft)
exonerate v
to clear from accusation (ex- out + onus burdern)
placate v.
to soothe; to mollify (placare to please)
exculpate v
to free from blame (ex- out + culpa blame)
anesthetic n
something that reduces sensation (an- without + aisthesis Gk feeling)
pacify v
to soothe the agitation of anger of (pacis peace)
invigorate v
to energize (in- in + vigor livliness + -ate to do)
alleviate v
to relieve (think of "Aleve")
emollient n
a substance that softens (mollis soft)
absolve v
to pardon (ab- from + solvere to loosen)
placid adj.
peaceful; calm (placare to please)
veracity n.
truthfulness (verax true)