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a declaration or statement
We could not believe John's assertion that he had never seen Star Wars.
clearness in thought or expression
Carol spoke with such clarity that her 2-year-old understood exactly what she wanted him to do.
convincing; reasonable
Christina's argument was so cogent that even her opponents had to agree with her.
logically connected
The old prospector's story was not coherent; he rambled on about different things that had nothing do with each other.
condition of sticking together
Erik's essay was cohesive because each point flowed nicely into the next point.
intended to instruct
The tapes were entertaining and didactic because they amused and instructed children.
verbal expression or exchange; conversation
Their discourse varied widely; they discussed everything from Chaucer to ice fishing.
the ability to speak vividly or persuasively
Cicero's eloquence is legendary; his speeches were well-crafted and convincing.
to give special attention to something, to stress
During English class, our instructor emphasized the importance of learning vocabulary.
easily flowing
The two old friends' conversation was fluid; each of them was able to respond quickly and easily to what the other had to say.
the act of suggesting or hinting
When your mother says, "Where were you raised, in the barn?" the implication is that you should close the door.
easily understood; clear
Our teacher does a good job because he provides lucid explanations of difficult concepts.
an authority who expresses his/her opinions
The political pundit has many predictions, but few of them have come true.
the art of using language effectively and persuasively
Since they are expected to make speeches, most politicians and lawyers are well-versed in the art of rhetoric
a judge who decides a disputed issue
An arbiter was hired to settle the Major League Baseball strike because the owners and player could not come to an agreement.
A judge should not be biased, but should weigh the evidence fairly before making up her mind.
to free from guilt or blame
When the gold coins discovered in his closet were found to be fake, Dr. Rideau was exculpated and the search for the real theif continued.
not in favor of one side or the other, unbiased
The umpire had a hard time remaining impartial; his son was pitching for the home team, and this made it difficult to call the game fairly.
indisputable; not open to question
The videotape of the robbery provided incontrovertible evidence against the suspect - he was obviously guilty.
trustworthiness; completeness
The integrity of the witness was called into question when her dislike for the defendant was revealed - some jurors suspected that she was not being entirely truthful.
the philosophy or science of law
Judges and lawyers are longtime students of jurisprudence.
treating facts without influence from personal feelings or prejudices
It is important that a judge hear all cases with objectivity, so that his personal feelings do not affect his decision.
expressing remorese for one's misdeeds
His desire to make amends to the people he had wronged indicated that he was truly penitent, so the parole board let him out of the penitentiary.
seemingly valid or acceptable; credible
Keith's excuse that he missed school yesterday because he was captured by space aliens was not very plausible.
supported with proof or evidence; verified
The fingerprint evidence substantiated the detective's claim that the suspect had been at the scene of the crime.
freed from blame
Mrs. Layton was finally vindicated after her husband admitted to the crime.
treating people as weak or inferior
Robert always looked down on his sister and treated her in a condescending manner.
feeling hatred; scornful
She was so contemptuous of people who wore fur that she sprayed red paint on them.
exercising absolute power; tyrannical
He was a despotic ruler whose every law was enforced with threats of violence or death.
domineering; opressively overbearing
The coach had a dictatorial manner and expected people to do whatever he demanded.
(n) contempt, scorn
(v) to regard or treat with contempt; to look down on
I felt nothing but disdain for the person who stole my lunch - what a jerk!
arrogant; vainly proud
His haughty manner made it clear that he thought he was better than everyone else.
arrogantly domineering or overbearing
She had a very imperious way about her; she was bossy and treated everyone as if they were beneath her.
treating in a condescending manner
Patrick had such a patronizing attitude that he treated everyone around him like a bunch of little kids.
intricate; complex
The directions were so convoluted that we drove all around the city and got lost.
difficult to comprehend
The writing on the walls of the crypt was cryptic; none of the scientists understood it.
having no useful purpose; pointless
It is futile to try to explain the differece between right and wrong to your pet.
to slow the progress of
The retreating army constucted barbed-wire fences and destroyed bridges to impede the advance of the enemy.
(adj) relatively unknown
(v) to conceal or make indistinct
Scott constantly makes referencse to obscure cult films, and no one ever gets his jokes.
The man in front of me was so tall that his head obscured my view of the movie.
a state of uncertainty or perplexity
Morgan was in a quandary because he had no soap with which to do his laundry.
habitually late
Always waiting until the last moment to do his work, Stephen was a dilatory student.
Mr. Lan said his students were indolent because none of them had done their homework.
uninteresting; unchallenging
That insipid movie was so boring and predictable that I walked out.
lacking energy
Since he is accustomed to an active lifestyle, Mark feels listless when he has nothing to do.