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Bulwark (n)
(bull wurk)
Link sentence: "Bulls Work building a Bulwark."
A defensive wall; something serving as a principle
Example sentence: Quebec City is the only city in North America with a Bulwark built entirely.
Augment (v)
(awg MENT)
Link sentence: "How not to augment a driveway with cement."
to make or become greater
Example sentence: The king attempted to augment his army by going into villages and drafting men into service.
Incongruous (adj)
(in KAHN grew us)
Link: in congress
Link sentence: "The new Alaskan senator's presence in congress was incongruous."
not appropriate, unsuited to the surroundings; not fitting in
Example sentence: Ed appeared incongruous wearing his tuxedo on an old-fashioned hayride.
Gossamer (adj) (n)
(GOSS uh mer)
Link: customer
Link sentence: " The spiders GOSSAMER captured many unhappy customers"
delicate floating cobwebs; a sheer gauzy fabric; something delicate; light; flimsy
Example sentence: The bride wore a white silk wedding dress. A gossamer of fine Italian lace gently touched her face.
Succinct (adj)
(sek Singkt)
Link: Sink
Link sentence: "Virginia was succinct when Ernie forgot to fix the sink."
brief and to the point; concise and terse
Example sentence: When Joe was called upon, he succinctly paraphrased what the teacher had just explained.
Tantalize (v)
(TAN tal ize)
Link: Santa's Lies
Link sentence: "Santa's lies tantalize."
to excite by exposing something desirable while keeping it out of reach
Example sentence: The tantalizing aroma of the bread made us all very hungry.
Languid (adj)
(LANG gwid)
Link: Squid
Link: "A languid squid"
lacking energy; weak; showing little interest in anything
Example sentence: After his bout with the flu, Joe was languid and unable to workout for over a week.
Benighted (adj)
(be NI tid)
Link: Knight
Link sentence: "A benighted knight."
being in a state of intellectual darkness; ignorant; unenlightened
Example sentence: Many benighted people became enlightened during the Renaissance.
Exalt (v)
(ig ZAWLT)
Link: Salt
Link sentence: "Everyone exalted the salt as king of the condiments."
to raise high; glorify
Example sentence: The firemen was exalted by the press for saving the child from a burning building.
Kindle (v)
(KIN dl)
Link: Candle
Link sentence: "Patrick found a unique way to kindle candles."
to cause to burn or ignite; to arouse or inspire
Example sentence: Because Christine once had feelings for him, Joe thought sending flowers might again kindle her affections.
Dire (adj)
(DYE ur)
Link: Fire
Link sentence: "A dire fire."
disastrous; desperate
Example sentence: The hurricane struck the Florida Keys with dire results; all the buildings were flattened.
Rhetoric (n)
(RET or ik)
Link: Rent-A-Wreck
Link sentence: "A salesman's Rent-A-Wreck rhetoric."
the art or study of using language effectively and persuasively; over-elaborate language
Example sentence: A person's use of rhetoric can indicate much about that person's character.
Myriad (n)
(MIR ee ud)
Link: Mirror add
Link sentence: "Many mirrors add a myriad of reflections."
an extremely large number
Example sentence: George was a hypochondriac, weighed down by myriad concerns about his health.
Latent (adj)
(LAYT nt)
Link: lay tent
link sentence: "Never lay your tent on a latent volcano."
laying hidden or undeveloped;potential
Example sentence: Trent had a Latent talent as a singer which her didn't discover until he was in his 50's
Trenchant (adj)
(TRENT chunt)
Link: trench ant
Link sentence: "A trenchant mouth is characteristic of the famous Madagascar trench ant."
cutting, incisive, having a sharp point; caustic, sarcastic
Example sentence: Julia had a trenchant tongue and was always putting her friends down behind their backs.
(vur tuh GO)
Link: Where to go
Link sentence: "When test pilot Bob developed a bad case of vertigo, he didn't know where to go."
The sensation of dizziness
Example sentence: Charles was acrophobic and even suffered from vertigo while standing on a stool, replacing the lights in the kitchen."
Link: Haunt
Link sentence: "A jaunt house"
A short pleasure trip
Example sentence: My parents are always talking juants in their new motor homes.
Impede (v)
(im PEED)
Link: Speed
Link sentence: "The job of highway patrolmen is to impede speeding motorists."
to obstruct or interfere with; to delay
Example sentence: He was my uncle, but he always told me no matter what not to let anyone impede my ambition to go to medical school.
Countenance (n)
(KOWNT uh nanz)
Link: count the nuts
Link sentence: "By their facial countenance alone it was easy to count the nuts."
a person's face, especially the expression
Example sentence: The submarine commander's countenance belied his true feelings of anxiety and fear.
Scrutinize (v)
(SKROOT uh nyze)
Link: screw eyes
Link sentence: "U.S. customs officials have screw eyes when they scrutinize baggage."
to look very carefully; to examine
Example sentence: Newspaper proof readers scrutinize an etire newspaper each day.
Spector (n)
(SPEK ter)
Link sentence: "A specter with spectacles."
a ghost or phantom
Example: As the lights came up on stage, a specter seemed to materialize from no where.
Paradox (n)
(PAIR uh dahks)
Link: Bears or ducks
Link sentence: "The 'are we bears or ducks' paradox."
a statement that seems true but the same time seems to also have an opposite truth
Example sentence: Dr. Jekyll was often a paradox; as soon as you began to understand him, he became Mr. Hyde.
Copious (adj)
(co pee us)
Link: Cops
Link sentence: "Copiou cops devour donuts, waiting for some excitement."
1.)large in quantity or number; abundant; plentiful: copious
2.) having or yeilding and abundant supply: a copious larder; a copious harvest
3.) exhibiting abindance or fullness, as of thoughts or words
Example sentence: As you read Cold Mountain, you must make copious annotations.
Perspicacious (adj)
Link: Perspiration
Link sentence: "Annotating the novel, Perry's perspiration increased while concentrating on perspicacious reading."
having or showing penetrating mental discernment; clear sighted
Example sentence: If one examines political cartoons perspicaciously, the artist's message is quite clear.
(muh RAWD er)
Link: Ma Raider
Link sentence: "The fiercest marauders are ma raiders."
Example sentence: During the Civil War, marauding bands of Confederate guerillas raided union supply lines in the Midwest.
Cower (v)
(KOW ur)
Link: Cow
Link sentence: "Bessie, the cowering cow, never could stand the sight of her own milk."
cringe from fear; to shrink away
Example sentence: When Sheriff Wild Bill Hickok entered the Last Chance Saloon, the villains cowered in fear.
Aloof (adj)
(uh LOOF)
Link: Roof
Link sentence: "Snowball, the cat, was so aloof when guests came she hid on the roof."
distant, reserved in manner; uninvolved
Example sentence: Most everyone thought Theodore aloof when actually he was only very shy.
Forbearence (n)
(for BAYR ans)
Link: Four Parents
Link Sentence: "Four parents exhibiting forbearance."
Example Sentence: Teachers must forbear when they deal with unruly students.
Cerebral (adj)
(suh REE brull)
Link: Cereal
Link sentence: "Eat your cereal so you'll grow up and be cerebral like your father."
brainy; intellectual
Example Sentence: Cerebral for a football player, the wily Kansas quarterback rarely called a play that wasn't well planned and though out.
Lament (v) (n)
(la MINT)
Link: Cement
Link Sentence: "We lament that Joe got buried in cement."
to express sorrow or regret; to mourn
Example Sentence: The son, "Cowboy's lament," is a ballad about the lonely life of those who drive cattle for a living.
Cacophony (n)
(kuh KAFH uh nee)
Link: Cough
Link sentence: "A cacophony of coughing."
harsh sounds
Example sentence: A cacophony isn't noise alone, it is disturbing noise such as when people shout all at once.
Quietude (n)
(kwi i TUDE)
Link: Quiet dude
Link sentence: "Dad was a quiet dude who sought quietude."
Example sentence: Gene and Chris chose their property for the air of quietude and peace that pervaded the area.
Connoisseur (n)
(kahn uh SUR)
Link: King of sewer
Link sentence: "The king of the sewer is a connoisseur of garbage."
and expert, particularly in matters of art and taste
Example sentence: My uncle is a connoisseur of fine wines.
Evoke (v)
(EE voke)
Link: Coke
Link Sentence: "Sometimes a song, a picture, even a coke, can evoke the most poignant of youthful memories."
to summon forth, call to mind, awaken, produce, suggest
example sentence: A clap of thunder and a flash of lightening over the old castle evoked dark spirits for the villagers who remember the night of the headless ghosts.
Cupidity (n)
(kyoo PID ih tee)
Link: Cupid
Link sentence:"Cupid with Cupidity."
excessive greed, especially for money
Example sentence: The cupidity of the Roman upper-class led to the demise of the Roman Empire
(yoo BIK woh tus)
Link: Big as us
Link sentence: "When you're as big as us you feel ubiquitous."
the quality of being everywhere (or seeming to) at the same time
Example sentence: Computers were once rare, but today are more ubiquitous than typewriters.
Adroit/ Deft (adj)
(ah Droit)
Link: Detroit
Link sentence: "The auto workers of Detroit are adroit at manufacturing automobiles."
Example sentence: Many fourth graders are more adroit on the computer than their parents.
Fetter (v)
(FET ur)
Link: feather
Link sentence: "A fettered feather."
to restrain; to hamper
example sentence: The prisoners were fettered by shackles around their shackles.
Exonerate (v)
(ig Zon er ate)
Link: His honor was late
Link sentence: "His honor was too late to exonerate the innocent prisoner."
to free from accusation or blame; to free from a responsibility or task
Example sentence: When he was released from jail, he finally felt exonerated for his crime
Mores (n)
(MAWR ayz)
Link: More A's
Link sentence: " Our educational mores have it that the more A's a student makes, the better their education."
cultural standards; moral attitudes
Example sentence: According to Chinese mores, it is considered polite to belch at the table as a gesture of appreciation.
(DOHL drums)
Link: Doll drums
Link sentence: "All covered with dust, the doll drums were in the doldrums."
a period or condition of depression or inactivity
Example sentence: Ever since Jackie's dog died, the little fellow has not touched his toys, moping around day after day in the doldrums.
Emulate (v)
(IM u late)
Link: imitate
Link sentence: "Jimmy emulates his dad by imitating him."
to attempt to equal or surpass; especially through imitation
Example sentence: Most people emulate those they most admire
Incite (v)
(en SIGHT)
Link: fight
Link sentence: "The pitchers bean ball incited the batter to fight."
to arouse
Example sentence: Waving a stick at Jerry's dog only increases the chance he will bite you.
Austere (adj)
(aw STEER)
Link: Steer
Link sentence: "An Austere steer is no fun at a party."
stern, as in manner; without excess, unadorned, severely simple and plain
Example sentence: The austerity of life in the village was understandable. Many were jobless and evidence of poverty was everywhere.
Palpable (adj)
(PAL pah ble)
Link: Pal the bull
Link sentence: "Our pal, the bull, palpable."
capable of being touched or felt
Example sentence: The answer is as palpable as the nose on your face.
(fi LAN thruh pee)
love of man kind, especially through charitable gifts and deeds
example sentence: In the movie, Good Sam, Gary Cooper's character was PHILANTHROPIC, giving to anyone in need and keeping little for his own family.
Misanthropy (n)
(MIS an thruh pee)
Link: Miss Anthropy
Link sentence: :Miss anthropy was a misanthropic person."
hatred of mankind
example sentence: Amore misanthropic person you never did see. He hates everyone.
Espouse (v)
(eh SPOWZ)
Link: Spouse
Link sentence: "Harold's spouse espoused a large family."
to adopt; to support
Example sentence: I espouse the idea that we eat dessert before dinner.
Ethereal (adj)
(i THEER ee ul)
Link: cereal
Link sentence: "Ethereal cereal."
very light;airy;delicate;heavenly
example sentence: An ethereal mist covered the hill in the morning
Amenable (adj)
(ah MEE nuh bul)
Link sentence: "The matador tried to be amenable to the mean bull."
agrreable, responsible to authority, pleasant, willing to give in to the wiches of another
example sentence: Jack was such a classy guy, always amenable to any reasonable solution to a problem.
(kuhl puh buhl)
related forms: culpability, culpableness, culpably
Link sentence: "The culprit is culpable for the crime."
worthy of blaim
origin: late 13c., coupable, from O. Fr
example sentence: Orleanna--in The Poisonwood Bible--must deal with her feelings of guilt, facing how she is partly culpable for what befalls her family.
Complicit (n)
(kom plis it)
involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing
origin: 1940's
example sentence: All of these people are complicit in some criminal conspiracy
Portend (v)
(por TEND)
Link sentence: "His teacher PORTENDED that Billy would come to a POOR END."
to warn of as an omen; forecast
example sentence: In ancient times a comet in the sky was considered a PORTENTOUS event.
(kuh THAR sis)
an emotional or psychological cleansing that brings relief or renewal
examples sentence: After Jeremy returned to the French World War II battlefield he had known fifty years before, he said he found the experience CATHARTIC.
Abate (v)
(ah BAIT)
Link: BAIT
Link sentence: "ABATED BAIT."
to reduce
Example sentence: Marta's defeat in the tennis tournament did not ABATE her zeal for the game.
Intrepid (adj)
(in TREP id)
Link sentence: "Everyone considered David INTREPID after he TRIPPED ED, the bully, in the cafeteria."
fearless; bold
example sentence: The Green Berets have always been known for their INREPIDITY. (n)
Surreptitious (adj)
(sur ep TISH us)
Link: Suspicious
Link sentence: "To escape from the circus, an elephant has to be surreptitious without being suspicious."
done or acting in a secret, sly manner
Example sentence: Helen surrepititiously crept around the car, hoping to get the cat out from under it.
Link: caught
Link sentence: "Eric caught a boatload in a lake fraught with fish."
teeming with; laden; full; involving; accompanied by
example sentence: The freighter was a fraught with cargo.
Erudite (adj)
(ER yoo dyte)
link sentence: "Knowing that his case was airtight, the defense attorney became confident and erudite."
deeply learned, scholarly
example sentence: The extent of Dr. Smith's library is an indication of his erudition.
Bolster (v)
(BOHL ster)
link sentence: :Members BOLSTERED each other by wearing their HOLSTERS."
to support, as in a group; tp give a boost
n. large pillow
example sentence:The coach saw it was time to bolster his team, so he gave them a pep talk.
(SUR fit)
Link: surffers
Link sentence: "A surfeit of surfers is a sure path to disastrous surfboard accident."
an overabundant amount, especially overindulgence in eating and drinking
example sentence: Thanksgiving is a time when most families have large meals that are a surfeit or everyone at the table
link sentence: "The ARDUOUS snow-covered trail is HARD ON US."
hard, difficult, tiresome
example sentence: Swimming three miles was the most ARDUOUS exercise Jeannie ever had.
Enmity (n)
(EN mi tee)
link sentence: "Sir Howard, I have great ENMITY for your dog's tongue IN MY TEA."
hostility; deep-seated hatred
example sentence: The ENMITY between the teams was apparent to spectators.
Bevy (n)
(bev EE)
link sentence: "A BEVY of HEAVIES."
a group of animals; an assemblage
example sentence: Bud's hunting dogs scared out a BEVY of quail.