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cap - root
take (capture)
cip - root
take (recipient)
ceipt - root
take (receipt)
cept - root
take (precept)
ceiv - root
take (receive)
ceit - root
take (conceit)
gen - root
birth, race, kind (generous)
dic - root
tell, say, word (predicament)
dict - root
tell, say, word (contradict)
dit - root
tell, say, word (extradite)
spec - root
look, see (spectacle)
spic - root
look, see (suspicious)
spit - root
look, see (respite)
super - root
above (superficial)
sur - root
above (surpass)
sum - root
above (summit)
tent - root
stretch, thin (tentative)
tens - root
stretch, thin (tension)
tend - root
stretch, thin (tendency)
tenu - root
stretch, thin (tenuous)
trans - root
across (transfer)
doc - root
teach, lead (document)
duc - root
teach, lead (reduce)
dac - root
teach, lead (didactic)
co - root
with, together (collaborate)
con - root
with, together (convivial)
com - root
with, together (company)
vers - root
turn (versatile)
vert - root
turn (convert)
loc - root
word, speech (circumlocution)
log - root
word, speech (logic)
loqu - root
word, speech (loquacious)
sen - root
feel, sense (sensitive)
de - root
away, down, off (deface)
nom - root
name, order, rule (nominate)
noun - root
name, order, rule (renounce)
nown - root
name, order, rule (renown)
nam - root
name, order, rule (name)
nym - root
name, order, rule (antonym)
cla - root
shut, close (claustrophobia)
clo - root
shut, close (enclose)
clu - root
shut, close (include)
vo - root
call (voice)
voc - root
call (vocal)
vok - root
call (revoke)
vow - root
call (avow)
mal - root
bad (malicious)
fra - root
break (frail)
frac - root
break (fraction)
frag - root
break (fragile)
ob - root
against (objective)
sub - root
under (submissive)
ab - root
from, away (abstain)
gress - root
step (progress)
grad - root
step (gradual)
sec - root
follow (second)
sequ - root
follow (sequel)
pro - root
much, for, a lot (profuse)
que - root
ask, seek (quest)
quis - root
ask, seek (inquire, question)
sacr - root
sacred (sacrifice)
sanct - root
sacred (sanctuary)
secr - root
sacred (consecrate)
scrib - root
write (scribble)
scrip - root
write (script)
pathy - root
feeling (apathy)
pas - root
feeling (passionate)
pat - root
feeling (compatible)
dis - root
not (discrepancy)
dif - root
not (diffident)
circu - root
around (circulation)