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perennial (adj)
everlasting, perpetual
repartee (n)
a swift witty reply
duress (n)
intimidation, pressure, bullying
consternation (n)
magnanimous (adj)
generous in forgiving an insult
precarious (adj)
unvertain, unstable, unreliable
dissident (n)
a person who disagrees
abysmal (adj)
bottomless, profoundly deep
aberration (n)
something that differs from the norm
aesthete (n)
person who has a refined sense of beauty
diffident (adj)
lacking self-confidence, timid, shy
evanescent (adj)
temporary, momentary
enervate (v)
to exhaust, weaken
deleterious (adj)
harmful, injurious
perfunctory (adj)
routine, hasty, superficial,
cavort (v)
to prance around in a high spirited way
pendent (adj)
engender (v)
to bring about, cause, produce
inexorably (adv)
certainly, completely
reciprocity (n)
dependence, mutual action
insousiant (adj)
nonchalant, carefree, debonair
efficatious (adj)
effective, producing
bedaub (v)
to smudge, smear or overdecorate
trice (n)
instant, short time
impugn (v)
to attack with words, oppose
apostacy (n)
desertion of one's faith, party, principles
prolix (adj)
excessively wordy or to long
gregarious (adj)
one who enjoys the company of others
homage (n)
respect, reverence
vapid (adj)
unoriginal, flat, lifeless, dull
circumspect (adj)
prudent, cautious, well-considered
prepotency (n)
predominance, superior power or influence