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braggart (n)
one who brags
dilettante (n)
an amateur, a dabbler
pilferer (n)
someone who steals in small quantities
prevaricator (n)
raconteur (n)
one who tells stories in an interesting way
collude (v)
to conspire (as in a fraud)
incite (v)
to encourage, spark or stimulate an action
innocuous (adj)
harmless, inoffensive, not interesting
vicarious (adj)
acting as a substitute, felt through the experience of others
incoherent (adj)
without logical meaning, uncoordinated
sagacious (adj)
clever, sharp, shrewd, having sound judgment
heretical (adj)
unconventional, radical
winnow (v)
to sift, to distinguish between good and bad
arbitrary (adj)
without restriction, tyrannical, unreasonable
digress (v)
to wander away from the main point, ramble
affluence (n)
abbundant supply, wealth
anthology (n)
a collectoin of writings by one author
apocryphal (adj)
of doubtful authorship or authenticity, fake
portend (v)
convolute (v)
to coil or fold into a twisted shape
culminate (v)
to bring to a close, to reach the hightest point, come to a climax
ubiquity (n)
the state of being everywhere at once, omnipresence
myriad (n)
indefinitely great number
hapless (adj)
unfortunate, unlucky
a characteristic or habit unique to an individual
trepidation (n)
state of alarm, trembling or quivering with fear
wily (adj)
cunning, sly
bedraggled (adj)
in a condition of deterioration, wet, soiled
sleight (n)
skill, clever trick
tawdry (adj)
showy and cheap or mean and base
morels (n)
edible mushrooms