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spacious and convenient; roomy
to expose a sham
to bring to into existence
suggestive of the ancient Spartans; sternly disciplined, frugal, or austere
exceedingly strict or severe in religious exercises or selfmortification
A systematic, usually extensive written discourse on a subject
to increase the severity
lacking a sound basis; thin or weak
disgrace; dishonor; public contempt
to move or force into violent, irregular action; to call attention; to disturb or excite emotionally
statistics of a human population
relating to a storm; violent, turbulent, tumultuous
habitually dishonest
resembling farce; ludicrous; absurd
Beleaguer -
to surround with military forces; to besiege
Belied -
to show to be false; contradict; to misrepresent
Canonical -
authorized; accepted; pertaining to canons or standards and laws; literary characteristic
Abrogated -
to abolish by formal or official means
Retrench -
to reduce or omit; economize
Raucous -
harsh, strident, grating; rowdy, disorderly
Viscous -
of a glutinous nature or consistency; sticky; thick; adhesive
Holism -
theory that whole entities have an existence other than as the mere sum of their parts
Adamant -
utterly unyielding
Discord -
disagreement; lack of harmony; war; confusion
vicarious -
done in the place of another; experienced through another person
cavalier -
a gentleman; a soldier; haughty or arrogant; careless
vagabond -
wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic
transient -
not lasting or enduring; transitory;
innocuous -
harmless, inoffensive, bland, unlikely to provoke
peripatetic -
(verb or noun) walking or traveling about
audacity -
boldness or daring
altercations -
A vehement quarrel
harbingers -
One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner
imperious -
domineering in a haughty manner; urgent; imperative
espy -
to see at a distance; catch sight of
inherent -
existing as a permanent and inseparable element, quality, or attribute
poisonous –
dilettante –
one with an amateurish or superficial understanding of a field of knowledge
conception –
the ability to form or understand an idea
prudent –
exercising good judgment or common sense
archaic –
characteristic of an earlier period: old fashioned
modest –
quiet or humble in manner or appearance
serene –
discredit –
to cause to be doubted
brusque –
rudely abrupt
feral –
savage, untamed
integrity –
trustworthiness; completeness
torpor –
laziness; inactivity; dullness
spontaneous –
unplanned; naturally occurring
conviction –
a fixed or strong belief
misconception -
an incorrect understanding or interpretation
melancholy –
sadness; depression
camaraderie –
goodwill between friends
obdurate –
stubborn; inflexible
assimilation –
to absorb; to make similar
diligent –
marked by painstaking effort; hard-working
obscure –
(adj.) relatively unknown, (v) to conceal or make indistinct
impartial –
not in favor of one side or the other; unbiased
suppressed –
subdued; kept from being circulated
servile –
submissive; like a servant
disparity –
inequality in age, rank, or degree; difference
indolent –
lazy; lethargic
dictatorial –
domineering; oppressively overbearing; imperious
substantiated –
supported with proof or evidence; verified
convoluted –
intricate; complex
patronizing –
treating in a condescending manner
elusive –
difficult to capture
alliance –
a union of two or more groups
lacking energy
incumbent –
imposed as a duty; obligatory
ebullience –
intense enthusiasm
effusive –
emotionally unrestrained; gushy
superficial –
concerned only with what is on the surface or obvious; shallow
ruse –
a crafty trick
ambivalent –
simultaneously feeling opposing feelings; uncertain
ambiguous –
open to more than one interpretation, vague
stratagem –
a clever trick used to deceive or outwit
enlightening –
informative; contributing to one’s awareness
jurisprudence –
the philosophy or science of law
spurious –
not genuine; false; counterfeit
poignant –
profoundly moving; touching
plausible –
seeming valid or acceptable; credible
rhetoric –
the art of using language effectively and persuasively
pundit –
an authority who expresses his/her opinions
quandary –
a state of uncertainty or perplexity
impede –
to slow the progress of
dilatory –
habitually late
lucid -
easily understood; clear
cohesive -
condition of sticking together
futile -
having no useful purpose; pointless
fractious -
quarrelsome; unruly
hypocrisy -
the practice of pretending to something one is not; insincerity
gratuitous -
given freely; unearned; unwarranted
assiduous -
hard working
propriety -
appropriateness of behavior
anthology -
a collection of literary pieces
genre -
describing a category of artistic endeavor
obsolete -
no longer in use; old fashioned
virtuoso -
a tremendously skilled artist
decorous -
proper; marked by good taste
enmity -
mutual hatred or ill will
excerpt -
a selected part of a passage or scene
implication -
the act of suggesting or hinting
equanimity -
the quality of being calm and even-tempered; composure
coherent -
logically connected
caustic -
bitingly sarcastic or witty; corrosive, burning
fatuous -
insane, stupid
ubiquitous -
pervasive, widespread, common, omnipresent
incendiary -
sets fires, arsonist, stirs up trouble
libertine -
amoral, rake, lecher, one who is morally or ually unrestrained
choler -
anger, wrath, irritability, ire
iniquitous -
evil, base, corrupt, nefarious
odium -
contempt, aversion, abhorrence
excoriate -
scrape, chafe, flay or berate, denounce, chastise, rebuke
inert -
motionless, inactive, no ability to react.
stolidity -
showing no emotion
juxtaposition -
an act of placing close together or side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast
pedantic -
too concerned with what are thought to be correct rules and details
punctiliousness -
very careful about the conventions of correct behavior and etiquette
erudite -
learned, scholarly, bookish,
didactic -
tending to give instruction or advice, even when it is not welcome or not needed
spry -
agile, robust
stupefy -
stun, shock
precept -
rule or principle of conduct
chaste -
unsullied, blameless, clean, pure
piquant -
appealing, spicy, savory
insipid -
dull, boring
ephemeral -
lasting for only a short period of time
premonition -
auspice, boding, portent, augury, prophecy, omen, clairvoyant
stopgap -
an improvised solution that serves until a better solution can be found.
moratorium -
a suspension of some ongoing activity, often brought about by an official order
admonition -
a friendly criticism or warning
invocation -
an appeal to higher authority for support
appeal, prayer, plea, request
disenfranchise -
deprive of a basic right of citizenship
diatribe -
a harshly critical verbal attack
repartee -
a clever and amusing sparring with words
itinerant -
one who travels from place to place
mercenary -
an individual who works only for monetary gain
charlatans -
people who pretend to have knowledge or abilities that they don't actually have
recidivists -
repeat criminals
provincials -
people who are narrow-minded and have a limited perspective
garrulous -
excessively talkative
sanguine -
to be confident and optimistic
histrionic -
overdramatic in reaction or behavior; theatrical
censure -
severe criticism; castigate, condemn
bounder -
rogue, louse, knave, scoundrel
cede -
relinquish, surrender, capitulate
consternation -
a sudden a feeling of bewilderment and dismay, alarm
perspicacity -
keenness of mental perception and understanding
rancor -
ill-will or resentment
raconteur -
someone who excels at storytelling
prevaricate -
to avoid giving a direct and honest answer or opinion, especially by quibbling or being deliberately ambiguous or misleading
pilfer -
to steal small items of little value, especially habitually
winnow -
to examine something to separate useful and wasteful parts
finagle -
manipulate somebody in order to obtain something
despoil -
plunder, steal, fleece
pugilist -
boxer, combatant, warrior, rebel
Aplomb -
poise, confidence, composure,
Dissemble(r) -
to give a false appearanc; (liar)
Salutary -
useful or helpful
Conciliatory -
done to appease somebody
Supplant -
to displace somebody or something much used or inferior; supersede
Overt -
unconcealed or intentional; blatant, explicit
Pugnacious -
inclined to fight or be aggressive; truculent; contentious
Fastidious -
concerned with small details; fussy, persnickety, precise; meticulous
Abstruse -
obscure and not easily understood; perplexing
Irreverence -
lack of respect or veneration; disdain
Buttress -
gives support; bolster; structure, reinforce
Mercurial -
lively, witty, and unpredictable
Corporeal -
material or physical rather than spiritual
Subsidize -
to contribute money; sponsor
Exhume -
to reintroduce or reveal; to dig up a body; disinter; unearth
Quash -
to forcibly stop, null, or void something that is invalid; suppress, annul
Cognitive -
concerned with acquisition of knowledge
Volatile -
changing suddenly; unstable or potentially dangerous
Capricious -
impulsive; whimsical
Maverick -
somebody who holds independent views and refuses the accepted or traditional outlook; non-conformist
Aggregate -
to come together to make a whole; to add up; amass; accumulate
Prosaic -
lacking imagination, straightforward; banal; mundane; dull
Linchpin -
a pin used to stop a wheel from coming off; an essential element
Burgeoning -
growing rapidly; escalating
Inanity -
lacking meaning, understanding, or quality; silly
Xenophobic -
fear or dislike of the foreign
Acumen -
strong insight; ability to make quick accurate judgments
Laud -
to glorify or praise a person; acclaim; extol