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Circumscribe; verb
to encircle; to set limits on, confine
Circumspect; adj
cautious, wary
Clandestine; adj
secretive, concealed for a darker purpose
Clemency; noun
merciful lenieny
Coalesce; verb
to grow together or cause to unite as one
Collateral; adj
Colloquy; noun
dialogue or conversation; conference
Collusion; noun
collaboration, complicity, conspiracy
Comeliness; noun
physical grace and beauty
Commensurate; adj
Commodious; adj
roomy, spacious
Complicity; noun
knowing partnership in wrongdoing
Compunction; noun
feeling of uneasiness caused by guilt or regret
Conciliatory; adj
overcoming distrust or hostility
Congenital; adj
existing since birth
Congruity; noun
correspondence, harmony, agreement
Conjecture; noun
speculation, prediction
Conjure; verb
to evoke; to cast a spell
Consonant; adj
consistent with, in agreement with
Construe; verb
to interpret or explain
Consummate; adj
accomplished, complete, perfect
Continence; noun
self-control, selft-restraint
Contravene; verb
to contradict, deny, act contrary to
Convivial; adj
sociable; fond of eating, drinking and people
Convoke; verb
to call together, summon
Convoluted; adj
twisted, complicated, involved
Copious; adj
abundant, plentiful
Corporeal; adj
tangible, meterial; having to do with the body
Corpulence; noun
obesity, fatness, bulkiness
Corroborate; verb
to confirm, verify