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Benighted; adj
Bequeath; verb
to give or leave through a will; to hand down
Beseech; verb
to beg, plead, implore
Bilk; verb
to cheat, lie to
Blandish; verb
to coax with flattery
Blight; verb
to afflict; to destroy
Bonhomie; noun
good-natured geniality; atmosphere of good cheer
Boon; noun
blessing, something to be thankful for
Bourgeois; adj
middle class
Breach, noun
act of breaking, violation
Brigand; noun
bandit, outlaw
Brusque; adj
rough and abrupt in manner
Burgeon; verb
to sprout or flourish
Buttress; verb
to reinforce or support
Cadence; noun
rhythmic flow of peotry; marching beat
Cajole; verb
to flatter, coax, persuade
Callow; adj
immature, lacking sophistication
Capacious; adj
large, roomy; extensive
Capitulate; verb
to submit completely, surrender
Capricious; adj
impulsive, whimsical, whitout much thought
Castigate; verb
to punish; to chastise, to criticize severely
Catharsis; noun
purification, cleansing
Catholic; adj
universal; broad and comprehensive
Cavalier; adj
carefree, happy; with lordly disdain
Centripetal; adj
directed or moving towards the center
Chagrin; noun
shame, embarrassment, humiliation
Charlatan; noun
Chicanery; noun
trickery, fraud, deception
Choleric; adj
easily angered, short-tempered
Circumlocution; noun
roundabout, lengthy way of saying something