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Cosset; verb
to pamper; to treat with great care
Countenance; noun
facial expression; look of approval or support
Countenance; verb
to favor, support
Countermand; verb
to annul, cancel; to make a contrary order
Caven; adj
Credence; noun
acceptance of something as true or real
Credulous; adj
gullible, trusting
Crescendo; noun
gradual increase
Culpable; adj
guilty, responsible for wrong-doing
Cupidity; noun
Curmudgeon; noun
cranky person
Cursory; adj
hastily done, superficial
Daunt; verb
to discourage; to intimidate
Debase; verb
to degrade or lower in quality or stature
Debilitate; verb
to weaken, enfeeble
Debunk; verb
to discredit; to disprove
Deciduous; adj
losing leaves in the fall; short-lived, temporary
Declivity; noun
downward slope
Decorous; adj
proper, tasteful, socially correct
Decry; verb
to belittle; to openly condemn
Deferential; adj
respectful and polite in a submissive way
Deft; adj
skillful, dexterous
Deleterious; adj
harmful, destructive, detrimental
Delineation; noun
depiction, representation
Deluge; verb
to submerge, overwhelm; to flood
Demur; verb
to express doubts or objections
Denigrate; verb
to slur someone's reputation
Depose; verb
to remove from a high position, as from a throne
Depravity; noun
sinfulness, moral corruption
Deprecate; verb
to belittle; to disparage