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Knell; noun
sound of a funeral bell; omen of death or failure
Lachrymose; adj
Laconic; adj
using few words
Laggard; noun
dawdler, loadfer, lazy person
Lassitude; noun
lethargy, sluggishness
Legerdemain; noun
Limpid; adj
clear, transparent
Lionize; verb
to treat as a celebrity
Lissome; adj
easily flexed, limber, agile
Lugubrious; adj
sorrowful, mournful; dismal
Machination; noun
plot or scheme
Maelstrom; noun
turmoil; agitated state of mind; whirlpool
Magnanimous; adj
generous, noble in spirit
Maladroit; adj
clumsy, tactless
Malinger; verb
to evade respondisbility by pretending to be ill
Martinet; noun
strict disciplinarian, one who rigidly follows rules
Matriculate; verb
to enroll as a member of a college or university
Maudlin; adj
overly sentimental
Mendacious; adj
Mendicant; noun
Mercurial; adj
quick, shred, unpredictable
Meticulous; adj
extremely careful, fastidious, painstaking
Mettle; noun
courageousness; endurance
Militate; verb
to operate against, work against
Mirth; noun
frivolity, gaiety, laughter
Moribund; adj
dying, decaying
Mottle; verb
to mark with spots
Multifarious; adj
Munificent; adj
Nadir; noun
lowest point