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Inchoate; adj
imperfectly formed or formulated
Incipient; adj
beginning to exist or appear; in an initial stage
Inclucated; verb
to teach, impress in the mind
Inculpate; verb
to blame, charge with a crime
Incursion; noun
sudden invasion
Indefatigable; adj
never tired
Indigent; adj
very poor
Indignant; adj
angry, incensed, offended
Indolent; adj
habitually lazy, idle
Indubitable; adj
Inert; adj
unable to move, tending to inactivity
Inexorable; adj
inflexible, unyielding
Ingenious; adj
original, clever, inventive
Ingenuous; adj
straightforward, open; naive and unsophisticated
Ingress; noun
Inimical; adj
hostile, unfriendly
Iniquity; noun
sin, evil act
Insidious; adj
sly, treacherous, devious
Interdict; verb
to forbid, prohibit
Interloper; noun
trespasser; meddler in others' affairs
Interpolate; verb
to insert; to change by adding new words or material
Interpose; verb
to insert; to intervene
Intransigent; adj
uncompromising, refusing to be reconciled
Inure; verb
to harden; to accustom, to become used to
Invective; noun
verbal abuse
Invidious; adj
envious; obnoxious
Jingoism; noun
belligerent support for one's country
Juggernaut; noun
huge force destroying everything in its path
Jurisprudence; noun
philosophy of law
Juxtaposition; noun
side-by-side placement