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Garrulous; adj
very talkative
Gibe; verb
to make heckling, taunting remarks
Glib; adj
fluent in an insincere manner, offhand, casual
Glower; verb
to glare, stare angrily and intensely
Goad; verb
to prod or urge
Gratis; adj
free, costing nothing
Guile; noun
trickery, deception
Gustatory; adj
relating to sense of taste
Hackneyed; adj
worn out by overuse
Hapless; adj
unfortunate, having bad luck
Harbinger; noun
precursor, sign of something to come
Harrowing; adj
extremely distressing, terrifying
Hermetic; adj
tightly sealed
Hidebound; adj
excessively rigid; dry and stiff
Hinterland; noun
Hoary; adj
Hyperbole; noun
purposeful exaggeration for effect
Iconoclast; noun
one who attacks traditional beliefs
Idiosyncrasy; noun
peculiarity of temperament, eccentricity
Ignominious; adj
disgraceful and dishonorable
Ilk; noun
type or kind
Imbue; verb
to infuse; to dye, wet, moisten
Immutable; adj
unchangeable, invariable
Impecunious; adj
poor, having no money
Impervious; adj
impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected
Impetuous; adj
quick to act without thinking
Importune; adj
to ask repeatedly, beg
Improvident; adj
without planning or foresight; negligent
Impugn; verb
to call into question to attack verbally
Incendiary; adj
having to do with fire