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praise; approval; honor; recognition
ACCOLADES were showered on the returning hero.
to deceive; to delude by using charms or tricks
Some advertisers intentionally BEGUILE shoppers with questionable claims.
extravagantly high-flown, high-sounding speech or writing
Mussolini’s speeches were mostly BOMBASTIC; his boasting and outrageous claims had no basis in fact.
inconstant; fickle; characterized by abrupt changes in feelings or action
Queen Elizabeth I was quite CAPRICIOUS; her courtiers could never be sure which of their number would catch her fancy.
to guess or make an inference based on slight evidence
CONJECTURES sometimes turn out to be right.
to reduce in status, in quality, or in value
Although many Americans want to restrict illegal immigration, they refuse to DEBASE themselves by doing manual labor.
empty; vacant; lacking
Donuts are DEVOID of nutrition.
tending to cause delay; tardy; slow
The congressman used DILATORY measures to delay the passage of the bill.
lively; animated; bubbling with enthusiasm
EBULLIENT after learning of her promotion, she skipped down the hallway and sang.
difficult to understand; known to only a few with specialized knowledge or training
Only a handful of experts are knowledgeable about the ESOTERIC world of particle physics.
to free from a confused difficulty or a dilemma
Once the puppy realized that he couldn’t EXTRICATE his leg from the rope, he waited calmly for me to untangle him.
offensive; lacking in good taste; repulsive
The man became obese when he engaged in FULSOME eating.
one who lives only for pleasure or self-gratification
The HEDONIST reveled in his hot tub, drinking champagne and eating caviar.
obstacle; hindrance; a bodily defect that obstructs a function
The disabled vehicle was an IMPEDIMENT for traffic until it was removed by the tow truck.
inflexible; unable to be persuaded or moved; relentless
When he heard the loud explosion, he felt a sense of INEXORABLE doom.
objectionable; hurtful; damaging
His INVIDIOUS remarks were intended to be hurtful.
hidden; not visible or apparent at the present time
A good education will help you discover and develop your LATENT talents.
excessively sentimental - to the point of weeping; drunk enough to be emotionally silly
Although my grandmother tearfully told me she loved the movie, I found it MAUDLIN.
extremely generous
A MUNIFICENT reward of $1000 is being offered for the return of the lost dog to its grieving owner.
shortsighted; lacking in thought
It is MYOPIC to take half of the money earmarked for necessities and use it to buy lottery tickets.
done carelessly or routinely, or done without enthusiasm
The machinelike bank teller processed the transaction and gave the waiting customer a PERFUNCTORY smile.
(n) an extravagant spender

(adj) recklessly wasteful
The PRODIGAL Son quickly wasted all of his inheritance on a lavish lifestyle devoted to pleasure.
(n) a person from the country; a hick or a hayseed;

(adj) narrow-minded; limited in outlook
Well-educated Northern women made the young Southern woman feel uncomfortably PROVINCIAL
to object to; to argue in protest; to oppose in words or action
The population will REMONSTRATE against the increase in taxes.
1. cheerful; hopeful;
2. bloody
3. red; ruddy; rosy-cheeked
With our thin lead, we could not feel SANGUINE about the outcome.
having a harsh or unpleasant sound
Her STRIDENT voice hampered her chances of getting the announcer position.
uplifting; emotionally elevating; lofty; splendid
The music was so SUBLIME that it transformed the bleak surroundings into a special place.
time-related; worldly (as opposed to heavenly); temporary
The priest advised the young students not to become obsessed with TEMPORAL joys.
to rise above or go beyond; to surpass; to excel
The nurse’s care of my father TRANSCENDS mere duty.
to move like waves - up and down or back and forth
All of the countries' flag UNDULATE in the breeze.
(n) chatter, empty talk
(v) to speak meaninglessly
I’ve listened to his PRATTLE far too long.
hatred; extreme dislike; intense ill will
Her RANCOR for the man was evident in his hateful expression.
to demolish, destroy, or knock down
All structures in the proposed path of the new expressway will be RAZED.
callously stubborn; hardened
The President was completely OBDURATE on the issue; and no amount of persuasion would change his mind.
showy; flashy; overly elaborate or ornate
The king’s OSTENTATIOUS lifestyle was evident in the lavish decoration and luxuriousness of his palace.
sharp insight; acute perceptiveness; shrewdness
The PERSPICACITY of Leonardo da Vinci impressed his contemporaries; his farsighted ideas and novel inventions demonstrated a brilliant mind blessed with great insight.
a commonly accepted principle or belief
The TENETS of his faith included turning the other cheek.
temporary; not enduring; brief
Youth is TRANSITORY; we all grow old.
taking the place of a real experience; participating through another's experience
Unable to attend college, the mother experienced a VICARIOUS thrill when she watched her daughter graduate.
clever and quick dialogue; witty verbal exchange
Tongue-tied, she could not think of a quick REPARTEE.
sullen; grave; glum; sulky
The never-ending rain put everyone in a SATURNINE mood.
obedient; willing to give in or to surrender; yielding; meek
My dog’s SUBMISSIVE nature leads him to roll on his back in front of other dogs.
secret; sly; stealthy
The detective had much difficulty finding the FURTIVE criminal.
belief or action contrary to standard religious teachings
Galileo was accused of HERESY for his theory that the earth revolved around the sun.
just begun; being in the first stage of growth; not fully formed
The ideas expressed in the writer’s mature work also appear in an INCHOATE form in his earliest writing.
consisting of elements chosen from a variety of sources
Budapest’s architecture is an ECLECTIC mix of eastern and western styles.
airy; insubstantial; heavenly; relating to regions beyond the Earth
After the lights went out in the planetarium, the room had an ETHEREAL atmosphere.
fussy; excessively picky; difficult to please
The woman was extremely FASTIDIOUS, as evident in the long hours she would take to complete a task.
to agree; to give consent without resistance
The group ACQUIESCED to the new regulation although they had formally fought them tooth and nail.
old-fashioned; obsolete
Her ARCHAIC computer could not run the latest software.
extremely enthusiastic; passionate; warm; eager
His ARDENT affection for his wife was reflected in his letters and gifts.
quarrelsome; given to controversy or argument
The CONTENTIOUS student was asked to leave the classroom.
to weaken; to disable; to cripple or undermine
The illness will DEBILITATE the muscles in his legs.
(v) to fool or trick

(n) one who has been misled
or deceived
Bugs Bunny was able to DUPE Elmer Fudd by dressing up as a lady rabbit.
perplexing; mysterious; unable to be understood
Unable to interpret her INSCRUTABLE smile, he wondered what she knew but wouldn’t reveal.
(adj) stubborn; unyielding, willful

(n) one who won't budge or compromise
The professor was INTRANSIGENT on the deadline, insisting that everyone turn the argument in at the same time.
worn-out; exhausted; dulled by overuse or excess
A person may become JADED if forced to work too many hours.
blameless, faultless
Employees whose work is IRREPROACHABLE deserve a raise.
a hater of humankind
The character Scrooge in A Christmas Carol is such a MISANTHROPE that even the sight of children singing makes him angry.
excessively conceited; in love with oneself or one's own appearance and body
His NARCISSISTIC attitude was not well-suited to a career as a care-giver.