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Consummate (adj)
Consummate (adj)- complete in every respect
Decourous (adj)-
Decourous (adj)- proper
Laud (v)-
Laud (v)- to glorify
Vindictive (adj)-
Vindictive (adj)- revengeful
Intrepid (adj)-
Intrepid (adj)- Fearless
Laggard (n)-
Laggard (n)- straggler
Rebuke (v)-
Rebuke (v)- to criticize sharply
Swagger (v)-
Swagger (v)- to brag, boast
Ideologue (n)-
Ideologue (n)- a theorist
Venerate (v)-
Venerate (v)- to regard with respect
Eloquent (adj)-
Eloquent (adj)- vivdly or movingly expressive
Impregnable (adj)-
Impregnable (adj)- impossible to attack or challenge
Idiosyncratic (adj)-
Idiosyncratic (adj)- of peculiar behavioral characteristics
Superflous (adj)-
Superflous (adj)- being beyond what is required
Dogmatic (adj)-
Dogmatic (adj)- arrogant assertion of unproved principles