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What is the major health problem associated with air pollution?
Respiratory Problems
Which of the following contribute to air pollution according to the EPA?

a. gases
b. particulate matter
c. chemicals
d. all of the above
d. all of the above
What legislation controls or regulates air pollution?
Clear Air Act
Which of the following is not one of the 4 categories of common air pollution sources?

a. stationary
b. mobile
c. natural
d. manufactured
d. manufactured
There are 6 responsibilities of the EPA under the Clean Air Act. (T/F)
What does NAAQS stand for?
National Ambient Air
Quality Standards
Which of the following is true regarding NAAQ Standards?

a. Primary standards protect public health
b. Secondary standards protect public welfare
c. The protection of animals, crops, & buildings falls under secondary standards
d. All of the above
d. All of the above
Which of the following is NOT one of the 6 principle air pollutants?

a. CO2
b. NO2
c. SO2
d. O3
a. CO2
Define Ecology.
Study of relationships between organisms & with their environment
Name the two major components of an ecosystem.
The weight of all organisms present in an environment is called its ___________.
The region of the earth that is inhabited by living organisms is called the ________.
The study of relationships among organisms & their environment
Includes all of the biotic (living) components & the abiotic (physical & chemical) components of an environment.
Evenness of distribution of the # of species present
Comprised of a variety of different species in a given environment; more stable that an environment with fewer organisms
Ecological Community
The role that an organism plays in its particular ecosystem as well as the physical space that it occupies
ecological niche
Who is credited with the discovery of Viruses?

a. Dimitri Iwanowski
b. Edward Jenner
c. Joseph Lister
d. Louis Pasture
a. Dimitri Iwanowski
The word "virus" in Latin means?

a. bacteria
b. poison
c. pathogen
d. death
b. poison
Which of the following is NOT a classification of viruses?

a. shape
b. nucleic acid
c. the tissues that it attacks
d. size
d. size
Hot water holds ____ oxygen than cold water.

a. less
b. the same amount
c. more
d. the amount varies with changes in pressure
a. less
Which is NOT a source of food contamination?

a. Airborne
b. Soilborne
c. Waterborne
d. Radiation
d. Radiation
Most bacteria are detrimental to human life. (T/F)
Bottled water manufactured & sold within state borders are subject to regulation by the FDA. (T/F)
Bacterial Endocarditis effect which part of the body?

a. Heart Valves
b. Endocardium
c. Pericardium
d. A & B
d. A & B