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This group sought religous freedom from England's Anglican Church. Established a larger colony at nearby Mass. Bay
To the English, New Netherland had become a "___ ___" separating its northern and southern colonies
Dutch Wedge
who claimed the colony for England and named it New York?
The Duke of York
A dispute over land claims in the Ohio Valley led to the ___war between British and French
French and Indian War. *(Seven Years War)
WHat did the Puritans consider the N.A.?
*ppl without faith*
The Bloodiest Battle colonists and N.A. waged was?
King Phillip's War
What American ruler led an attack on 52 colonial villages through Mass?
Slavery in Africa was not ____. Sons/ daughters of slaves were considered___.
The 1st to explore Africa were the ____
The 1st european country to take Africans to the New World was the ___
What were some of the advantages in using Africans as slaves?
-built immunity to European diseases
-experience in farming
-strangers to Americas (no escaping)
The Buying and trading of Africans for work in the Americas
Atlantic Slave Trade
African merchants captured Africans to be___. In exchange for?
gold, guns, and other goods
Africans transported to the Americas were part of a transatlantic trading netowrk
Triangular trade
The voyage that brought captured Africans to the West Indies and later to North and South America
*(middle leg of the ta.t.t)*
Middle Passage
___ percent of Africans aboard each slave ship perished during the brutal trip to Americas
How did slaves cope w/the horrors of slavery?
-musical traditions, stories of ancestors
How did slaves resist their bondage?
-became less productive by breaking hoes
-uprooting plants
-worked slowly
in 1739, a group of slaves in South Carolina led an uprising known as the ___ rebellion
the Stono Rebellion
The Atlantic Slave trade had a NEGATIVE effect on Africa
-lost generations
-families were never reunited
-Guns helped spread war and conflict
The Atlantic Slave Trade had a POSITIVE effect on Africa
-colonies survived
-agriculture spread
-art, music, food
The Global transfer of foods, plants, and animals during the colonization of the Americas
Columbian Exchange
Items that ships from the Americas brought back to Europeans, Asians, and Africans were___.
tomatoes, squash, pineapples, tobacco, and cacao beans (chocolate)
The most important item to travel from the Americas to the rest of the world were
*inexpensive to grow & higly nutritious*
Europeans introduced various livestock animals into the Americas including__.
horses, pigs, cattle
Foods from Africa migrated west in European ships were
bananas, black-eyed peas, yams
Negative aspect of the Columbian Exchange was
New business and trade practices in Europe that changed the economic atmosphere was
Commercial Revolution
An economic system based on private property ownership and the investment of wealth for profit
the steady rise in the price of goods. when ppl have more money to spend and demand more goods and services
early corporations thta sometimes establish companies
Joint-stock Company
a country's power depended mainly on its wealth
A nation sold more goods than it bought
Favorable Balance of Trade
What was a nation's ultimate goal under mercantilism?
to become self sufficient, not dependant on other countries for goods.
Conquest of Incas differ from Aztecs?
took longer
Incas 10+ years
Aztecs 3 years
Slavery in ancient world differ from Americas
old time slavery was not hereditary
Capital of New Netherland
New Amsterdam
What country forced dutch to give up land?
Caribbean island next to Haiti
The European nations were hoping to find a wuicker route to Asia by North America in this Passage
Northwest Passage
English felt threatend by N.N. why?
New York and Hudson. British had colonies up at New Hampshire and they didnt want their N and S colonies w/foreigners