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Where and when was Audie Murphy born?
North (Kingston), Texas - June 20, 1924.
What FM covers Leadership?
FM 6-22
When was the First draft of the NCO Creed written and who wrote it?
In 1973 by SFC Earle Bringham.
It was later published in 1983.
How many movies did Audie Murphy act in?
Name five of them?
44 movies.
Texas, Heaven, and Brooklyn
To Hell and Back
Kansas Raiders
Arizona Raiders
A Time for Dying
How many rings are authorized for wear while in uniform?
and what regulation governs it?
AR 670-1
Describe the M16 rifle.
It is a 5.56mm air cooled, magazine fed, semiautomatic or three round burst, gas powered, shoulder fired, hand held weapon.
What is the maximum effective range for the M16?
1350 Meters.
550m-point target
800m-area target
Where did Audie Murphy fight during WWII?
North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany.
Explain Kneeling Unsupported firing position.
Standing firmly begin to kneel placing the right knee onto the ground. Place the none firng hand on the the hand guards, with the triceps resting on the left knee for support. The firng hand will be placed on the the pistol grip. The butt stock of the weapon should be pressed firmly between the bicep and the sapy plate to absorb recoil and for support and stabilization.
Name the five most recent Sergeant Majors of the Army.
Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston
Former Sergeant Major of the Army Jack L. Tilley
Former Sergeant Major of the Army Robert E. Hall
Former Sergeant Major of the Army Gene C. McKinney
Former Sergeant Major of the Army Richard A. Kidd
WHo is the current SMA?
SMA Kenneth Preston
Name five of the U.S. awards that Audie Murphy earned during WWII?
Medal of Honor
Distinguished service cross
Good Conduct Medal
WWII Victory Medal
Legion of Merit
During what year did PLDC first become a mandatory prerequisite for promotion to Staff Sergeant?
What year was the Sergeant Major of the Army Established and what was his name?
1966, SMA William O. Woolridge
The history of the Noncommissioned Officer began in what year with the birth of the Continental Army?
Describe the procedures for clearing the M16/A2 Rifle.
Drop the magazine
place weapon on safe
lock bolt to the rear
inspect chamber(visually)
ride the bolt foward
switch to semi, squeeze trigger
pull the charging handle to the rear then ride forward
place weapon on safe
close ejection port cover.
What is the first step in installing the M18A1?
Inspect the components
What color is a "training" M18A1?
Name the components that are in the bandoleer of the M18A1
M40 test set
M57 firing device
M4 Electric Blasting cap Assembly
What Field Manual covers the M18A1?
FM 23-23
When aiming the M18A1 using the knife edge sight, how far above the ground do you aim?
You aim at ground level
Describe the M9 pistol.
The M9 pistol is a 9-mm, semiautomatic, magazine fed, recoil-operation, double-action weapon chambered for the 9-mm cartridge.
How many rounds can a magazine designed for the M9 hold?
15 Rounds
What Field Manual covers the M9?
FM 3-23.35
What is the maximum effective range of the M9?
50 meters
In what five areas can the hand grenade assist the individual soldier in the accomplishment of the mission?
Producing casualties
Producing incendiary effects
Riot control
What are the six types of hand grenades?
Practice and Training
How do you inspect unpacked grenades or grenades stored in ammunition pouches?
Inspect unpacked grenades daily to ensure that the safety pins are present.
Check the body for rust or dirt.
Make sure the lever is not broken or bent.
What are the three phases of physical conditioning?
What are the five components of physical fitness?
Cardio Respiratory Endurance
Muscular Strength
Muscular Endurance
Body Composition
What are the three different ways that a soldier may be reduced for misconduct?
By Article 15
By Court Martial
Conviction by a civil court
What are the three levels of promotion?
Unit level
DA centralized
What are the TIS and TIG requirements for promotion to SGT?
Time in service: 36 months (PZ); 18 months (SZ)
Time in grade: 8 months (PZ); 4 months (SZ)
What are the TIS and TIG requirements for promotion to SSG?
Time in service: 84 months (PZ); 48 months (SZ)
Time in grade: 10 months (PZ); 5 months (SZ)
What is the NCOES requirement for promotion to SGM? SFC? SSG? SGT?
SGM: Must be a graduate of ANCOC
SFC: Must be a graduate of BNCOC
SSG: Must be a graduate of PLDC
SGT: Must be a graduate of None
What regulation prescribes the policy and procedures governing enlisted promotions and reductions?
AR 600-8-19
What are the normal TIS and TIG requirements for promotion to PFC?
TIS: 12 months
TIG: 4 months
What are the normal TIS and TIG requirements for promotion to SPC?
TIS: 24 months
TIG: 4 months
What are the 4 levels of Maintenance?
Direct support (DS)
General support (GS)
When is a PMCS required to be performed?
Before, during and after the operation of a piece of equipment and also at weekly and monthly intervals