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What are the basic responsibilities of a leader?
Accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of the soldiers
What are the three types of duties that each NCO has?
-Specified duties
-Directed duties
-Implied duties
What are the factors of leadership?
The Led, the Leader, the situation, and communications
What are some of the eleven principles of good leadership?
Be tactically and technically proficient
-Know yourself and seek self-improvement
Know your soldiers and look out for their welfare
-Keep your soldiers informed
-Set the example
Explain what a leader must be, know and do.
A leader must BE:
-A person of strong and
honorable character
A leader must KNOW:
A leader must DO:
what is right at all times
Primarily, there are three methods used to present training. What are they?



The DA Form 2404 is what?
Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet
What is an DA 348?
A Military Drivers License
What are the four rules of risk management?
Integrate into planning
-Accept no unnecessary risks
-Make risk decisions at the appropriate level
-Accept risk if benefits outweigh the costs
What are the three approaches to counseling?
Directive, nondirective, and combined
Is performance counseling limited to bad performance?
No, counseling should be for good performance as well
What is the definition of counseling?
A process of listening, communicating advice, instruction, or judgment with the intent of influencing a person's attitude or behavior
When in formation or on detail, who salutes?
The person in charge
Who leaves a military vehicle first
The most senior member
Of all the drugs used today, which one is responsible for the most deaths?
What will a rating chain for an NCO consist of?
Rated NCO
Senior Rater
How many types of NCOERs are there?
What is the minimum period of time for rater qualification?
3 Rated Months
What is the minimum period of time for senior rater qualifications?
2 months
What forms are used for the NCOER?
DA 2166-8-1, NCO Counseling Checklist/Record
DA 2166-8, NCO Evaluation Report
What are the parts of the NCOER?
Part I. Administrative Data
Part II. Authentication
Part III. Duty Description
Part IV. Army Values/ NCO Responsibilities
Part V. Overall Performance and Potential.
What are the five levels of MOPP?
MOPP levels 0-5
What is MOPP Level 3?
Overgarment, Mask and Hood, Field Gear and Overboots worn
Gloves carried
What are the proper masking procedures?
Stop breathing and close your eyes, don protective mask, clear mask, check the seal of the mask, sound the alarm to alert others, and continue the mission
What are the 8 steps in the functioning of the M16/A2 rifle?