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square pyramid
base is a square and has 4 triangular sides
all of its faces are congruent and are squares. Remember that congruent means equal.
base of a triangle
I assume the base is a square
standard unit of length
base of a parallelogram
any side can be considered the base of a parallelogram (look for right angle symbol)
the distance around a circle
is a segment that has endpoints on the circle
is a segment that connects the center to the circle
metric system
is a decimal (10) measurement system
of a figure is the distance around the figure
is a nonrepeating, nonterminating decimal. It is approximately 3.14 or 22/7 or 3 1/7.
of a figure is the number of square units the figure contains
is a pattern you can fold to form a three-dimensional figure
pentagonal pyramid
base is a pentagon and has 5 triangular sides
triangular pyramid
base is a triangle and has 3 triangular sides
rectangular pyramid
bse is a rectangle and has 4 triangular sides
hexagonal prism
bases are hexagons and has 6 quadrilateral sides
heptagonal prism
bases are heptagons and has 7 quadrilateral sides
octagonal prism
bases are octagons and has 8 quadrilateral sides
pentagonal prism
baes are pentagons and has 5 quadrilateral sides
rectangular prism
bases are rectangles and has 4 quadrilateral sides
triangular prism
bases are triangles and has 3 quadrilateral sides