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Name the three main goals for an inbound sales call?
Get the clients name and telephone number.
Set solid and specific appointment for the senior manager.
Provide Client Care Excellence
Reason for the call
Name two benefits for asking...
By the way, how did you hear about us?
Allows us to gain control
Tells us where the caller is in the buying process
Middle of the call
Name the three reasons we offer the Alternative Choice
To test the clients commitment
To expand the inventory
To get the caller to commit to a solid and specific appointment
Just tell me if you have the car or not
Being that we are the numbe on MB dealership in the area, we have a tremendous inventory to choose from. However, with vehicles moving very quickly and inventory changing on an hourly basis, it may take me 10-15 minutes to you get the accurate infromation. Are you calling from work or home?
What two things does a specific vehicle have attached to it?
Vin and stock number
Why do we ask "You're not on your way down to the dealership right now are you?"
It finds out where the caller is in the buying process.
It leads us into getting their name and phone number.
Begining of the conversation.
Why am I meeting with your Senior Manager?
We do things a little differently here. We have what we call our V.I.P service where all of our clients me directly with our Senior Manager the moment they arrive. That way we can ensure that you recieve the first class service you deserve, and we know that, that's what you are looking for. Am I correct in saying that?
Doesn't want to give phone number.
Let me assure you of one thing when I call you back I'll keep it strictly business and I won't waste your time. I'll present you with all the information you've requested and if that information doesn't work for you it will be our last conversation. Fair enough? And the number...

Could it be that in the past you've had a bad experience in giving out your phone number?
Let me assure you...
I'll just call back..
By all means you can call back. However, with it being extremely busy down here. I would hate to miss your call and not be able to provide you with that valuable information. Let me assure you of one thing...

As a professional courtesy, from whom should I expect a callback? And how do you spell your last name?
Just tell me your best price
Not only do I want to provide you with a price you can be happy with, we also want to provide you with a vehicle that goes along with that price. Let me double check with our inventory manager, it will only take me 10-15 minutes. Are you calling from work or home?
Don't you know your inventory?
I pride myself in knowing our inventory. However, with our vehicles moving very quickly and inventory changing every hour, I wouldn't think of inviting you down here on something that we may no longer have. Let me speak with our inventroy manager to check the status of that vehicle, which might take me 10-15 minutes. are you calling from work or home?