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What is the iceberg wedge?
1/4 cut head of Iceberg lettuce.
What kind of dressing on the Iceberg wedge salad?
It is served with house blue cheese dressing.
What else comes on the Iceberg wedge salad?
Diced tomatoes and crumbled bacon.
Explain the consistency of the blue cheese dressing?
It's more chunky than creamy!
What is the base of the spring salad?
Mixed baby greens.
What else is served on the spring salad?
Sliced red onions,
1/4 Roma tomatoes,
Home style croutons,
candied walnuts.
What kind of dressing on the Spring Salad?
Your choice of dressing!
Caesar Salad. What kind of lettuce?
Chopped Romain lettuce.
The caesar salad is anchovy based and tossed with these 4 ingredients?
Creamy caesar dressing,
home style croutons,
Kalamata Olives,
fresh grated parm cheese.
The Spinach salad. What kind of dressing?
It is served with hot bacon dressing.
The spincah sald is served with baby spinach and is dressed with these 4 ingredients.
red roasted peppers,
Yellow roasted peppers,
applewood smoked bacon,
slices of eggs
The beefsteak tomato salad.

What about the tomatoes?
Vine ripe 4X4 tomatoes that are thick sliced.
What is the beefsteak salad served with?
Fresh Mozzarella,
garlic infused olive oil,
balsamic dressing,
fresh pesto,
What is in fresh pesto?
Basil, Olive oil, pine nuts and garlic.
What is the major difference between the Iceberg wedge salad and all of the other salads?
The Iceberg wedge salad is for one person, whereas all the others are designed to be big enough for 2 people.
Shrimp Pomdoro. Tell me about the shrimp!
4 BUTTERFLIED U/12 shrimp that are pan seared.
In the shrimp pomodoro what are the shrimp seared with?
With garlic, EVO, fresh tomaotes, pesto and butter.
What kind of pasta comes with the shrimp pomodoro?
Capallini pasta.
Capallini Pasta - what type of pasta?
Angel Hair Pasta.
What is the shrimp pomodoro topped with?
It is topped with fresh grated Parmesan cheese.
Chicken Penne Pasta. Tell me about the preparation of the sauce!
1.) Shitaki mushrooms and garlic are sauteed in butter,
2.) Then Mixed in a heavy cream, Parmesean reduction,
3.) tossed with Penne pasta.
What goes on top of the Chicken Penne Pasta?
It is topped wtih 5 oz. of sliced grilled chicken and chopped parsley.
1/2 Split Chicken. How much chicken is this?
It is 1/2 - 2.5 Pound chicken.
How is the 1/2 Chicken prepared?
It is a roasted chicken that is marinated in fresh herbs, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.
What is the 1/2 Roasted Chicken like?
Lemon Herb Chicken.
Baby Back Ribs. How are they prepared?

2 Steps!
1.) Seasoned with a spice blend and smoked.

2.) Then broiled witha savory BBQ Sauce.
In the baby back ribs what is in the spice blend?

5 items. (GOP BC)
Granulated garlic
brown sugar
What are the baby back ribs served with?
Cole Slaw.
The sides are big enough for how many people?
2 People!
Roasted Garlic Red Smashed Potatoes.

How many oz.s and what type of potato?
10 oz of Red Bliss Potatoes.
Roasted Garlic Red Smashed Potatoes.

What are they prepared with? - 4 items.
1.) Butter,
2.) Heavy Cream,
3.) green onions,
4.) roated garlic
Scallop Potaotes.
What are the 4 ingredients?
1.) Thin sliced potaotes.
2.) milk,
3.) butter,
4.) Chives
Scallop Potaotes what are they topped with?
Topped with smoked Gouda Cheese.
Macaroni and Cheese.

Whats the preparation of it?
3 ingredients.
Classic elbow macaroni in a
jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce with bacon.
Macaroni and Cheese.

Can the Jalapeno's be taken out on this side?
Beer Batter Fries
Fries lightly beer batter coated and fried golden brown.
Sauteed Mushrooms and pearl onions.

What are the main vegatables?
Domestic Mushrooms
Shitake Mushrooms
Pearl Onions
Sauteed Mushrooms and pearl onions.

Domestic Mushrooms,Shitake Mushrooms and Pearl Onions are all
sauteed in butter and deglazed with red wine and finished with demi!
What is a demi?
A wine reduction.
The baked potato is a 40 ct. potato rubbed with
Salt and pepper and then baked.
What does the 40 ct mean?
40 potoates to the case.
How is the Sweet Potato prepared?

It is rubbed with these 3 ingredients and then baked.
1.) Butter
2.) Cinnamon
3.) brown sugar
The Wild Rice Pilaf is what type of blend?
It is a wild rice and long grain rice blend.
What is the wild rice pilaf cooked with?
It is cooked with butter spices and herbs.
Grilled Asparagus - How is this prepared?
Large Asparagus is blanch cooked and then grilled with oive oil and salt, pepper, and garlic.
What does blanch cooking mean?
It is put into a pasta cooker and then it is quickly cooled.
The Horseradish crust is a combiantion of these 4 things!
1.) Potato
2.) Brioche bread crumbs
3.) cracked pepper
4.) prepared horse radish
Roasted Red Pepper Crust is a combination of 3 things!
1.) Roasted red peppers,
2.) Brioche bread crumbs
3.) butter
The Mushroom Duxel Crust is a combination of 4 things!
1.) fine diced mushrooms - both domestic and Shitake,
2.) Brioche bread crumbs
3.) garlic
4.) and butter
The Roasted Garlic crust is a combination of 3 things!
1.) roasted garlic
2.) Olive oil
3.)Brioche bread crumbs
All crusts are finished in the?
Grilled Salmon.
Whats the weight and how is it cooked?
10 oz of fresh grilled salmon - Sockeye!
What is the grilled salmon served with?
It is served with a lemon butter chive beurre blanc and grilled aspargus.
What is a beurre blanc?
Lemon butter.
The aspargus on any of the entrees is for?
Show only - You only get three!
The broiled Halibut is what type of filet?
a 10 oz. - t-bone halibut steak.
The broiled Halibut is prepared how?
with a fresh herb (parsley, chive) and hazelnut butter.
The broiled Halibut is served with this as a garnish?
grilled aspargus.
Broiled Cold Water Lobster Tail. Where's it from and what are the weights available?
From Australia, and it comes in 6 oz and 10 oz sizes.
Broiled Cold Water Lobster Tail how is it prepared?
It is coated with drawn butter and broiled with frsh parsley.
Broiled Cold Water Lobster Tail what is this served with?
It is served with drawn butter and honey mustard aioli.
Pan seared sea scallops are U/10 sea scallops. What does U/10 mean?
U/10 means 10 scallops to the pound.
How many and what is the weight of the portion served on this entree?
8 oz of scallops or 5 - 6 scallops.
Pan seared sea scallops, how are they prepared? Step 1?
The U/10 sea scallops are pan seared in clarified butter.
Pan seared sea scallops how are they finished? Step 2?
They are finished with sauteed leeks, applewood smoked bacon, fresh tomaotes and deglazed with Chardoanay and whole butter!
Seared Ahi Tuna. What is the weight, how is it cooked and what is the temperature that its served with?
1.)Weight = 8 oz.
2.) It's seared on a cast iron skillet.
3.) It comes out rare!
Seared Ahi Tuna it is seared on a cast iron skillet that is seasoned with
cracked pepper, seaseme seeds and coriander.
Seared Ahi Tuna is accompanied with?
an Asian style orange soy sauce.
Seared Ahi Tuna - hw is served to the table and what accompanies it?
It is sliced and served with steamed brocoli, wasabi,and pickled ginger.
Seared Ahi Tuna It comes out rare but it can be served?
Well Done?
What must you check on with this dish? Seared Ahi Tuna
Wheat Allergy - You must check on this one!
King Grab Legs - what are the 2 sizes available?
1/2 pound and 1.5 pound.
How are the King Grab Legs prepared?
served with drawn butter.
All staeks come with a slow roasted what?
A slow roated tomato topped with asiago cheese.
22 oz Bone In Rib Eye.
This tender, flavorful chop is cut from the most desirable center section of the rib. The rib section lies between the?
Chuck and the short loin.
14 oz. and 20 oz. New York Strip is cut from the
short loin it is tender, full flavor cut.
The short loin lies between the?
rib and the sirloin.
8 oz. and 12 oz filet mignon.
This is a center cut and an extremely?
tender cut from the shrot loin.
The short loin lies between the?
rib and the sirloin
9 oz Filet Medallions, what is the portion on this cut?
3 - 3 oz. cuts of filet.
9 oz Filet Medallions is 3 - 3 oz. cuts of filet that are toped with crusts made of 1, 2,3?
1.) Red pepper
2.) Horseradish
3.) Mushroom
With the 9 oz Filet Medallions is 3 - 3 oz. cuts of filet what is not allowed with this?
24 oz. and 38 oz Porter house is a steak cut from the large end of the short loin containing both a 1? and a 2?
1.) New York Strip and
2.) A Filet.
The new york strip and the filet are sepearted by
a flavor enhancing bone.
The 38 oz Porter House is handled special - how?
It is sliced in the kitchen in a fan presentation.
12 Oz Frenched Veal Chop has a ? what in it?
This bone in cut is tender with a delicate flavor and texture.
What is the biggest money maker on the menu?
14 oz. double bone Pork Chop.
14 oz. double bone Pork Chop.

This large 2 bone cut is dusted with a
cajun style seasoning!
14 oz. double bone Pork Chop.

This large 2 bone cut is dusted with a cajun style seasoning this is not cooked how?
It is not blackened!
This cajun style seasoning is not what?
It is not over whelming!
14 oz. double bone Pork Chop.

Is served with these 5 ingredients.
carmalized granny smith apples
pearl onions,
brown sugar
18 oz Lamb T-Bone Trio.

How many chops do you get and what is hte weight of each chop?
3 - 6 oz cut/chops of lamb.
18 oz Lamb T-Bone Trio. - has what type of crust on it?
Parsley and chive crusted.
18 oz Lamb T-Bone Trio. is served with a demi that has been?
infused with blackberries and mint.
Moutain Carrot Cake. =
Six layers of moist carrot cake sandwiched in smooth cream cheese icing.
Moutain Carrot Cake also is
studded with pecans and flakes of toasted coconut!
Colossal Chocolate Cake! =
Layer upon layer of dark moist chocolate cake, snadwiched with silky smooth chocolate filing, and then piled high with iced cake chunks.
Which 2 desserts are recommended for 2 or more persons?
1.) The Mountain Carrot Cake.
2) The Colossal Chocolate Cake
Caremel Toffe Apple Pie =
Buttery caramel and toffee - studded custard incase fresh Granny Smith apples piled high in a melt in your mouth short bread crust.
Cream Brulee Cheese cake = The marriage of two great classics,
Rich Madagascar vanilla bean flecked creme brulee layered and mingled with the lightest of cheesecakes creating a new level of lusciousness.
Red Wines
(Light To full body)
Red Meats
(Light to full flavor)
White Wines
(Light To full body)
White Meats - Fish/Chicken
(Light to full flavor)
Blush Wines
(Light Body)
Combination of Meats
(Light Flavor)
Sparkling Wines can be used at these 3 times.
Or after a meal.