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The Responsiblities of Membership: To Represent...
To represent the fraternity positively at all times.
The Responsiblities of Membership: To cultivate..
( to develop an acquaintance or intimacy with somebody, often for personal advantage)
To cultivate broad friendships and be democratic in all campus contacts.
The Responsiblities of Membership: To be ethical..
To be ethical at all times.
The Responsiblities of Membership: To respect...
To respect the authority of chapter, province and national officers.
The Responsiblities of Membership: To refrain...
To refrain from the discussion of internal fraternity affairs with non-members.
The Responsiblities of Membership: To practice...
To practice the high ideals of SAI at all times.
Definition of Hazing
Any action or situation that recklessly or attendionally endangers mental or physical health or any action taken or situation created which produces mental or physical discomfort, emberrousment harrasment or ridicule.
Hazing and Pre-Initiation Activities not tollarated
Such activities include road trips, public wearing of apparel which is comspicuous and not normally in good taste, engaging in public stunts and late work seccessions which interfere with scholastic activities.
SAI recognizes and afforms that Pre-initiation periond is a time for:
education, inspiration, and dedication of the candidate, and a time for the promotion of professionalism, ethics and dignaty through exposure to the priviages and responsibilities of membership as exhibited by our college and alumnae chapters.
SAI with all members of the...
profession fraternity association condemns the hazing of prospective members.