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What started the migration of people to Nevada? and when was it
The comstock lode - 1857- 1861
Subterritory of Utah
How much was the most expensive telegram? and what was it?
3416.77 - the most expensive telegram ever - it was the constitution
Civil Rights definition
include those we deem necessary for equality to prevail amoung and between citizens, the right to vote, i.e. right to equal employment...
Civil Liberties definition
refer to negative restraints on goverment in its exercising of power
When was the constitution written?
What can congress do that can override executive position?
pass a law that overrides it
Increasing populations of chinese workers happened when? and why?
1867-1869 - because they worked in the mines
NV has how many parties?
2 parties
the state legislature adopte a direct primary law mandating that parties select their candiditates in primary elections held in Sept. of each year in which a general election is to be held.
What doe primaries give?
it gives the averages party member more control over who his or her party's nominees will be than did the old system.
The Silver Party. What was it?
The state switched allegiance to the silver party - because the dollar was valued to the value of gold..and they were all for turning the dollar into the value of silver
William Jennings Brian
ran for President 3 times - and lost three times
Why is there such a low turn out rate for voters in NV?
powerful business intrest in the state, people in NV dont have it too bad..
the initiative allows the citizens of the state to propose and enact constitutional amendments and legislation, independent of the legislature.
In the initiative process, what percent must sign the number of those who voted?and the signatures must be gathered in ? percent or more of the states counties
10% and 75%
Statute process comes when? and how many days does this last?
it comes right after an initiative petition, and it lasts about 40 days.
if a governor signs a statute, what happens?
the proposed statute becomes a law.
what happens if a governor doesnt do anything to a proposed statute?
it goes on the general election ballot, and becomes a law if voted for.
If the initiative petition proposes a constitutional amendment...
the proposal does not go into legislature, instead it must be put directly on the ballot and must be approved by a simple majority at the next two general elections
it allows voters to approve or disapprove any law passed by the legislature.
allows the voters to remove any state or local, official from office prior to the expiration of his/her term.
Nevada's legislature (Houses)
bicameral, (2 houses) lower house is the Nevada State Assembly, upper house is the nevada state senate.
What does the NV Legislature consist of?
1/3 Senators, 1/2 semate and the rest.. House (meaning 75% of the population had but only 21 of thirty seven seats)
When does the nevada legislature get together?
4 months at a time, every 2 years.
How often is the budget passed?
the budget is passed every two yers,
Executive branch --
consists of 6 officers..governor, lieutenant govern, treasurer, atty general, sec. of state, controller
What does the nevada judiciary do?
interpret the law
what taxes are exempt in Nevada?
state corporate tax, and income tax.
Are property taxes low or high?
Why are nevada's taxes low?
because people mandate and the population keeps growing. The money that comes in doesnt keep up with the population. The money is needed before the taxes are in.
The first 40 year period in nevada was characterized by what?
greed, avarice, and unbridled entrepreneurship.
Prior to statehood, thousands of miners staked claims to the comstock lode. What happened afteR?
bank crowd