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What is the function of safety?
Locate, define, and control operational errors that allow accidents to occur.
What is the function of safety?
Locate, Define, and Control operational errors that allow accidents to occur.
What is an accident prevention program?
Procedures and processes to eliminate physical harm or property damage.
How would you communicate "management's commitment" in your formal accident prevention program?
Responsibility of management to establish, supervise, and enforce, an effective accident prevention program.
When assigning responsibility and authority, what is often overlooked and is considered "safety's greatest failing?"

Authority or accountibility
When you establish goals and objectives for your accident prevention program, is it wise to establsih a goal of zero injuries and illness? Why?
No. People may not report injuries that occur that can prevent larger accidents in the future.
In the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) the words "Shall" and "should" have respective titles meaning...
Shall - required

Should - recommended
The term "competent person" means what?
Able to recognize hazards/authority to correct hazards
In WAC 296, Management's responsibility. It shall be the responsibilty of the management to establish what?
Safety Plan (accident prevention program)
In WAC 296, Employess's responsibility. Name three things, out of the FIVE listed in the code, that emplouee's "shall" do.
Report accidents, have proper certification, use of proper safety equipment
Eye protection, head protection, and foot protection are covered by what national standard?
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed to prevento injury or impairment of any part of the body through what? List three items.
Absorption, inhalation, physical contact.
If the employee ownds their own PPE is the employer responsible for ensuring that the PPE is adequate, assure maintenance of items and that the PPE is sanitary.
The employer is required to do a hazard assessment and equipment selection with respect to PPE in what type of format shall this be accomplished?
Through a site survey using common sense & expertise
The employer is required to provide PPE training to employees. What are the elements required in the training? List five
Why necessary, how it will protect them, its limitations, how to wear preotection, and how to clean.
The purpose of the hazard communictaion standard is to ensure hazardous chemicals .....
Material Safety data sheet
On multi-employer workplaces, what re the employers on the job-site required to do with their Hazard Communication program? List two items.
Have on-site access with info on the chemical labeling system.
Explain, briefly, what an MSDS is.
Material Safety data sheet
Define a "Confined Space" according to the current WAC/OSHA standard.
Many workplaces contain spaces that are considered "confined" because their configurations hinder the activities of any employees who must enter, work in, and exit them and add health or safety hazards.
When testing and monitoring the atmosphere in a confined space, what are the three things being tested for?
Oxygen content, flammable gas & vapor, and potential toxic air contaminents.
What is the most common way to control an atmospheric hazard in a confined space?
Forced air ventilation
Fall protection is either ___ or ___ or ___.
Restraint, positioning, or arrest.
Can a worker legally fall in a body belt in Washington state according to the WAC?
An anchorage point is where you attach your fall arrest, postitioning device, or fall restraint system, what three different breaking strengths for anchorage points have we discussed?
1.) 3000 lbs
2.) 5000 lbs
3.) 4x's intended load
A shock absorber incorporated in a fall protection system does what?
Eases the stress on the fall restraint system increasing breaking point.
At what working height above the level below is an Employer required to have to provide a site specific "Fall protection Work Plan"?
Warning lines must have a 200 pound breaking strength. How far must the warning line be from the edge of a low-pitched roof?
Guardrails must be installed at fall hazard height of four feet on open-sided floors, how high must the top rail of a guardrail be according to WAC specifications?
36-48 inches
a guardrail must be able to withstand how much pressure?
what is a hazard of a single action snaphook?
No reserve
Where is the fall arrest 'D' ring on a harness positioned on the body?
On the back between the shoulder blades