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# 1
Look, act, and be alert
Report for duty on time.
# 3
Always set a good example. Know and practice safe walking rules.
# 4
Never stop cars.
# 5
Perform your patrol duties faithfully.
# 6
Be neat and clean while on duty.
# 7
Be dependable and trustworthy.
# 8
Be courteous and polite at all times, treat others as you would like to be treated.
# 9
Wear your belt and badge proudly.
# 10
Remind schoolmates of safe walking rules without being "bossy".
# 11
Give correct crossing signals to classmates.
# 12
Obey rules of the Patrol, School, and Home
# 13
The Three Main Functions of a Safety Patrol Are To: Instruct, Direct, and Control.
# 14
I will not stand or walk on the bus when it is moving.