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agency in the federal government that's responsible for promoting safe and healthful conditions in the workplace
OSHA (occupational safety and health administration)
sequence of events that leads to an unintentional injury
accident chain
overheating of the body that results in cold, clammy skin and symptoms of shock
heat exhaustion
condition in which body temperature becomes dangerously low
What are the three C's?
check, call, care
What are the four injury types?
abrasion, laceration, puncture, avulsion
What are the ABC's of CPR?
airway, breathing, circulating
What are the 4 ways posion enters the body?
swallowed,inhaled, absorbed through skin, injected
failure of the cardiovascular system to keep an adequate supply of blood circulating to the vital organs of the body
break in a bone
condition in which a person is not alert and aware of his or her surroundings
jarring injury to the brain, which affects normal brain function
any substance that causes injury, illness, or death when introduced into the body
24-hr hot line that provides emergency medical advice on treating poisoning victims
poison control center
immediate, temporary care to an injured person until professional medical care arrives
first aid
actions to prevent the spread of disease by treating all blood and other body fluids as if they contained pathogens
universal precautions
sequence of actions that maximize the victim's chance of survival
chain of survival
device that delivers and electric shock to the heart to resotre its normal rhythym
a life-saving procedure that combines rescue breaths with chest compressions
What does CPR stand for?
cardiopulmonary resuscitation
an odorless, radioactive gas
a fibrous material that has fireproof properties
harmful, unwanted sound of sufficient intensity to damage hearing
noise pollution
a yellow-brown haze that forms when sunlight reacts with air pollution
a substance that is explosive, corrosive, highly reactive, or toxic
hazardous waste
the contamination or earth's atmosphere
air pollution
a unit that measures the intensity of sound
the spread of city development onto undeveloped land
urban sprawl
reducing waste before it's generated
How do you avoid heat exhaustion?
stay in the shade and drink plenty of water