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our surrounding, the material and spiritual influences which effect growth, development and existence
Therapeutic environment
those surroundings which meet the needs of a person requiring care
Medical asepsis
clean technique, refers to the practice of controlling and reducing the number of organisms in the environment
Standard precautions
CDC recommends health care workers consider all clients as potentially infected with HIV and other blood borne pathogens
Nosocomial infections
an infection acquired in a hospital
Assistive devices
any technique that assists the client to maintain physiological and psychological well-being
range of motion or range of joint motion is an exercise regime to improve, maintain joint mobility and other bodily functions
mechanical advantage that assists moving or lifting
the position of body parts that permit optimal musculoskeletal balance and operation
Base of support
is the foundation of an object that creates stability
Isometric exercise
exercise that increases the muscle tension with little or no change in muscle length
any device that limits a person's physical or psychological maniupulation of the environment
Chemical restaint
is a medication that accomplishes the physical or psychololgical limitations of the person's ability to manipulate the environment
Physical restraint
is the use of bodily, physical force to limit a client's freedom of movement for greater than five minutes