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First aid is the ____ care given to a person who is injured or suddenly becomes ill.
One of the primary principles of first aid is to obain ____ .
medical assistance
A goal of first aid is to minimize ____ .
Define First Aid
the temporary and immediate care given to a person who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill.
You should provide basic life support first to ____ .
the most seriously injured
During the first few minutes after an accident, you should activate ____ .
the EMS systems
What does EMS stand for?
Emergency Medical Services
If you are alone, you should provide rescue suport to a child for ____ before telephoning for help.
1 minute
Define Duty to Act
The legal obligation to five aid or perform first aid care.
Duty to act means you have a ____ to give aid.
legal obligation
The "reasonable-man" test shows that you acted as a normal. prudent person would have acted under the ____ .
same circumstances
Every competent adult has the right to give ____ to treatment.
What are the ten signs that a victim is infectious?
*rash or skin lesion
*open sore
*coughing or sneezing
*draining or oozing wounds
*profuse sweating
*abdominal pain
*headache with stiff neck
*yellowish skin or eyes
Define Good Samaritan laws
Laws that protect health care personnel and provide quidelines for care.
Define negligence.
Acting with carelessness, inattention, disregard, inadvertence, or avoidable oversight.
Define "reasonable-man" test.
Did the First Aider act the same way a normal, prudent, person with similar training would have acted under the same circumstances?
Define actual consent.
informed consent
Define implied consent
assumption that a victim of life-threating injury or illness would give consent
Define minor's consent
the right of consent given to a parent or guardian
Define infectious disease
a disease that can eb transmitted from one person to another or from an insect or animal to a person