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(e bet')

(v) to encourage, assist, aid, support (especially in something wrong or unworthy)

Antonyms: hamper, hinder, impede, frustrate
(e ver')

(v) to affirm, declare confidently

Synonyms: assert, asseverate, avouch

Antonyms: deny, disavow, repudiate, disclaim
(blat' ent)

(adj) noise in a coarse, offensive way; obvious or conspicuous, espoecailly in an unfavorable sense

Synonyms: flagrant, glaring, egregious, disagreeably loud

Antonyms: inconsequential, trifling, piddling, petty

(v) to bring up or begin to talk about (a subject); to announce, introduce; to break the surface of the waterl to turn sideways to the wind and waves; to pierce (a keg or cask) in order to draw off liquid; (n) a spit for roasting; a tool for tapping casks
(be' tres)

(v) to support, prop up, strengthen; (n) a supporting structure

Synonyms: (v) bolster, reinforce, brace, shore up

Antonyms: (v) undermine, weaken, impair
(ke rau' zel)

(n) noisy revelry or merrymaking (often with a suggestion of heavy drinking)

Synonyms: drinking boul, drunken revel, binge
(ko' lat)

(v) to compare critically in order to note differences, similarities; to arrange in order for some specific purpose

Synonyms: sort out, corss-check, rearrange
(kan e ser')

(n) an expert; one who is well qualified to pass critical judgements, especially in one of the fine arts

Synonyms: authority, savant, pundit

Antonyms: igoramus, philistine, yahoo
(dis kan' se lat)

(adj) deeply unhappy or dejected; without hope, beyond consolation

Synonyms: grief-stricken, inconsolable, comfortlesss

Antonyms: cheerful, blithe, buoyant, jaunty
(in kem' ber)

(v) to weigh down or burden (with difficulties, cares, debt); to fill up, block up, hinder

Synonyms: overload, saddle, hamper, clog

Antonyms: unburden, unload, relieve
(fo ment')

(v) to promote trouble or rebellion; to apply warm liquids to, warm

Synonyms: instigate, incite, stir up

Antonyms: quell, quash, squelch, suppress
(griz' le)

(adj) frightful, horrible, ghastly

Synonyms: gruesome, gory, hideous

Antonyms: pleasent, delightful, attractive
(her kyu le' an)

(adj) (capital H) relating to Hercules; (lowercase H) characterized by great strength; very hard to do in the sense of requiring unusual strength

Synonyms: mighty, powerful, arduous, onerous, colossal

Antonyms: puny, Lilliputian, bantam
(im pas' iv)

(adj) showing no feeling or emotion; inanimate; motionless

Synonyms: emotionless, stoical, unemotional, insensible

Antonyms: emotional, passionate, excitable
(in o spish' es)

(adj) unfavorable, unlucky, suggesting bad luck for the future

Synonyms: unpropitious, unpromising, untimely

Antonyms: propitious, favorable
(in kan tre ver' te bel)

(adj) unquestionable, beyond dispute

Synonyms: incontestable, indisputable, indubitable

Antonyms: debatable, dubious, open to question
(nan plest')

(adj, part) puzzled, not knowing what to do, at a loss

Synonyms: perplexed, baffled, stumped, flabbergasted

Antonyms: poised, confident, assured
(ap ar tun')

(adj) suitable or convenient for a particular purpose; occuring at an appropriate time

Synonyms: timely, appropriate, felicitous

Antonyms: untimely, inconvenient, inappropriate
(pro lif' ik)

(adj) abundantly productive; abundant, profuse

Synonyms: fruitful, fecund, proliferous

Antonyms: barrne, unproductive, sterile, sparse
(ri join' der)

(n) a reply to a reply; especially from the defendant in a legal suit

Synonyms: answer, reply, response, riposte, retort