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- a title commonly used in the Old Testament as a substitute for God’s name. Jews believed that calling God by name was sacreligious, because doing so implied that people had control over God. Often the word Lord is presented in all capital letters in the O.T.
(a) Lord/Sir/ Kyrios
- in the N.T. the title is applied to Jesus in 2 ways:
• Aramaic form of address comparable to “Sir”
• After the Resurrection, as a way of acknowledging that Jesus is divine and one with God
(a) Lord/Sir/ Kyrios
- in the time of Jesus, a scribe who taught in a synagogue. The word means “master” of “teacher”
(b) Rabbi-
- This title is a reference to a figure found in Deuteronomy where Moses prophesied that God would lift up leader like himself that the people would listen to (Moses)
(c)The Prophet-
- the branch of theology that studies the person, role, nature and message of Jesus
- a popular Jewish name of Jesus’ day. It means “Yahweh saves” of “Yahweh is salvation”
o The term for the divine Son of God who walked the earth in the person of Jesus, up to and including his death
- Christ of Faith-
o Is a factual, actual historical man- Jesus of Nazareth 4B.C.-30A.D
- within the ancient Jewish community, leaders and scholars who were responsible for teaching the Law of Moses. They were given the title rabbi. In the Gospels, ___ are often portrayed in conflict with Jesus, because they imposed such heavy burdens on people by their righteous interpretations of the Law. Most of the ____ were Pharisees
- This mysterious and heavenly figure appears in the Book of Daniel coming on the clouds of heaven to judge the nations who receives kingship, glory and power. Jesus’ favorite title for himself. He can also mean just a human being, but also the prophet in relation to God.
(g)Son of Man-
- God’s work that frees humanity from the evils of sin. _____ is a gift from God and not something achievable by human effort. Paul used the term ___ somewhat synonymously with the terms redemption, righteousness, justification, and reconciliation.
(h)Salvation/ Savior/ Soter-
- This figure appears in four poems from prophet Deuter-Isaiah (Isaiah 15) just and innocent man who is made to suffer by the wicked and is put to death, but his death redeems the people. Jesus identified himself with Biblical image.
(i)Servant of God/ Suffering Servant-
- Jesus is given this title in the writing of John, especially in the prolog. It clearly demonstrates Jesus is God, coeternal with his Father. Active in Creation, who took on flesh and became man in the incarnation.
(j)Word of God-
- A title for Jesus that recognizes the Christian conviction that he was raised from the dead by God and that he truly was and is forever Lord and Savior
(k)Christ of Faith
- Jesus of history
o Rose from the dead and redeemed the world
(k)Christ of Faith
- an image of Jesus that links him with the paschal lambs, which were slaughtered and sacrificed by the ancient Jews during Passover. This image is used in John’s Gospel and in the Book of Revelation
(l)Lamb of God-
- the title given to the saving leader who was hoped for by the Jews. Later the title was applied to Jesus, who Christians believe fulfilled the hope of the Jews. The word ____ is derived from a Hebrew word meaning “anointed”
these are all names Jesus would have been called on His time of earth
(n)Joshua, Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter’s son, son of Mary
Biblical terms synonymous with the term messiah reflecting that the messiah
would be a descendent of the kingly house. It demonstrates the messiah’s royal origins and ancestry
(o) Son of David/ King of Israel-
- an understanding of Jesus that begins with the recognition of his special eternal relationship with God. ______ first emphasizes Jesus’ divinity and then moves toward an understanding of his humanity
(p)Christology from above-
- In Jewish history, the lambs sacrificed in the Temple during the feast of Passover, as part of the ritual of a special meal recalling the one eaten by Moses and the Israelites before the Exodus. The word is derived from a Hebrew word meaning “to pass over”. Jesus is often referred to as the new ____ because of his sacrificial death on the cross
(q)Paschal Lambs-
- Special figures in Jewish history who continually challenged the people to live in accordance with their Covenant with God. The word literally means “one who speaks out”
- The whole series of events by which Jesus saved humanity- from his giving the Eucharist at the Last Supper, through his death and Resurrection, to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Together, those events constitute a “new Passover” a way that passes through death to life. The paschal mystery is the Christian belief that ultimately God brings life and goodness out of suffering and death.
(s)Paschal Mystery-
- This title/name is given to Jesus in Mathew’s infancy narrative and is a reference to Isaiah 7:14 about the virgin giving birth to a son “God is with us”
- The title the early Christians used for Jesus in order to confess their belief that he was the Messiah, the One sent from God, who would save them from all oppression. The word Christ is based on the Greek word Christos meaning “the anointed one”
- The major sources of information about Jesus, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and contained in the New Testament, attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The word is derived from the Middle English word godspell meaning good news
- Texts whose authors prompted by the Holy Spirit convey God’s revealed truth using their own abilities, words, and styles. For Christians, these Scriptures comprise the Bible, God is their ultimate author, and the truth in them is reliable.
(w)Inspired texts-
- Term for the divine Son of God who walked the earth in the person of Jesus, up to and including his death
(x)Jesus of History-
- an understanding of Jesus that starts with an attempt to grasp his humanity and his historical toots in first-century Palestine, and then moves toward a comprehension of his divinity
(y)Christology from below-
- A term used by Israelites to refer to the kings of their nation, or any particularly good man. Later the term’s use was fundamentally changed in the New Testament to signify Jesus’ divinity
(z)Son of God-
- a group of leaders within the ancient Jewish community who were responsible for offering sacrifices in the temple
- at the time of Jesus, the influential head of the priestly caste and often president of the Great Sanhedrin. He held a special kind of authority, like that of a king and was appointed by the political masters of the country. During the trial of Jesus, Caiaphas was the ___.
(bb)High priests-
teaching messiah: follows ____ gospel for reference

Antioch, Syria- large Christian community- Jewish christians
suffering messiah: repentance
70 ad: Rome, Gentile Christians
compasionate messiah- exceptance, love: wrote acts of apostles, beatitudes: Greece- Corinth, athens, antitoch- Gentile Christians
life giving messiah: angelic; asia minor palistine- Jewish Christians
not fabrication: 3
rose from dead
dies on cross
jesus is God
Priestly messiah
Kingly messiah
prophetic messiah
3 messianic prophicies
Joseph- son of David- Matthew 1:18-25
born in bethlehem-city of house of david- luke 3

given title "son of david- bartemaus of jerico-blind- saves him
kingly messiah
12 tribes- 12 judeges

canaanite woman- SOn of Daviid- son disrupted by demon

crowd in jerusalem- Hosana to Son of David
kingly messiah
born jewish preist of levi, house of aaron- mary from tribe of aaron
priestly messiah
anointed directly by god: a prophet like me the lord your god will raise up for people for own kingship a prophet like moses

multiplication of bred and wine-prophet to come into world- john 6

feast 40 days in desert- if any1 is thristy, let him come to me- john 7
prophetic messiah
multiplication of loaves, walking on the lake, "apostles uterrly and completely dumbfounded- didnt understand miracle of loaves" tells of his coming death, apostles didnt understand prophecy of passion- afraid to ask, calming storm on lake- winds and waters obey him
the apostles seem to not fully understand the miracles of Jesus until after the Resurrection
scribes and rabbis- know alot about God- studied appostles- fishermen n tax collectors

boys schooled for religion in synagogue training for carreer

peter and john at temple with crippled man- get up and walk

sanagrin astonished
apostles are not the kind of men that are learned enough to be able to fabricate messiah
people not in military- represtented military god- idolotry

to get out of death sentence- curse god and burn incense- never did it

Peter and john killed
peter- crucified upsidedown
andrew- crucified
paul- head chopped- roman cit
apostles later willing to die for what they knew or believed to be truth about jesus
matthew- promisses to god swearing never- being honest

If u mean yes, say yes
if u mean no, say no
everything else comes from devil
moral integrity of christianity- would this highly moral religion be based on falsehood- inconsistant with christian morality