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The oviducts (fallopian tubes) are divided into 4 regions:
Infundibulum, ampulla, isthmus, and intramural portions.
Which region of the oviduct is the area where fertilization usually occurs?
How many layers make up the wall of the oviduct?
(Layer 1) Mucosa of the oviduct consist of two cell types: explain.
a.) ciliated: have cilia that beat towards uterus and propel liquid forward

b.)non-ciliated (Peg) cells which secrete a viscous liquid in the lumen of the oviducts. This substance is important for capacitation of the sperm.
What is the epithelia type of the mucosa?
Simple columnar epithelium
(layer 2) Muscularis layer has how many smooth muscle layers?

What does it do?
Two layers of smooth muscle (inner circular, outer longitudinal).
The contractions of muscularis propels the liquid and oocyte towards the uterus.
What are the three regions of the uterus?
The Body and fundus regions of the uterus are composed of what three layers?
-Outer layer: Perimetrium
-Middle layer: Myometrium
-Inner layer: Endometrium
The fundus of the uterus is surrounded by _________ while the body is surrounded by __________.
1.) Serosa
2.) Adventitia
A.) Outer layer: perimetrium of the uterus: What is this?
This is the outermost layer of the uterus. It is either serosa (Fundus) or adventitia (Body).
This uterine layer makes up the bulk of the uterine wall with three to four poorly defined layers?
Middle layer: Myometrium
During pregnancy, this layer grows by both hypertrophy and hyperplasia and is degraded after pregnancy.
Middle layer: Myometrium
This is the mucosal lining of the uterus.
This uteral layer is the site for implantation.
What are the two layers of the endometrium?
1.) Stratum Basale: retained at menstruation and regenerates the next lining
2.) Stratum functionale: Sloughed off at menstruation
Compare and contrast The straight arteries and Helical "spiral" arteries of the Endometrium.
Straight arteries only penetrate into the basal layer and are retained
Helical arteries extend deep into the functional layer and will be broken during menstruation.
What artery do straight and helical arteries branch?
Arcuate arterty
What are the three phases (and duration) of the menstrual cycle.
1.) Mense (1-4 days) necrosis of the functional layer of endometrium
2.) Proliferative/Follicular (5-14) relining of endometrium and renewal of functionalis
3.) Secretory/Luteal (15-28) thickening of the endometrium resulting from glycogen secretions and edema