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having sound judgment, perceptive, wise
Sagacious (adj)
Like a sage or person recongnized as having great wisdsom
Appealing to or causing sexual desire, bawdy
Salacious (adj)
Prominent, protruding, conspicuous, highly relevant
Salient (adj)
Promoting health or well-being
Salubrious (adj)
Remedial, wholesome, causing improvement
Salutary (adj)
Self-righteousness, pretended piety
Sanctimony (n)
Hypocritically pretending to be pious or being excessively pious
Authoritative permission or approval; a penalty intended to enforce compliance
to encourage or approve
recently can be used to mean "to punish)
Sanction (n)

Sanction (v)
Cheerful, confident, optimistic
Sanguine (adj)
To enervate or weaken the vitality of - or -
to hit someone w/ a sap
a gullable person or
a blackjack(shor leather covered club)
Sap (v)
Sap (n)
To overindulge, satisry to excess
Satiate (v)

(SATE = synonym)
A literary work that ridicules or criticezes human vice through humor or derision
Satire (n)
Gloomy, dark, sulle, morose
Saturnine (adj)
Contemptible, descpicable
scurvy (adj)
A large net hung out and dragged in to catch fish
Seine (n)
Withered, arid
Sere (adj)
Like a seed, constituting a source, originative
Seminal (adj)
A piece of broken pottery or glass, any small piece or part
Shard (n)
To smirk, to say something with a silly, coy smile
the smile itself
Simper (v)
simper (n)
Position requiring little or no work an dusually providing an income
Sinecure (n)
Exceptinal, unusual, odd
Singular (adj)
Winding, curving, moving lithely, devious
Sinuous (adj)
To satisfy, quench, lessen the intensity of
Slake (v)
Soaked or drenched, unimaginative, dull
Sodden (adj)
To weld, fuse or join, as with a soldering gun
Solder (v)
Concerned and attentive, eager
Solicitous (adj)
Able to meet financial obligations
Solvent (adj)
Fallacious resoning; plausible but faulty logic
Sophistry (n)
Exhibiting immaturity, lack or judgment, pretentious
Sophomoric (adj)
Causing drowsiness, tending to induce sleep
Soporific (adj)
Characterized by filth, grime or squalor, foul
Sordid (adj)
Thin, not dense, arranged at widely spaced intervals
Sparse (adj)
Seeming true, but actually false, misleadingly attractive
Specious (adj)
One who spends money wastefully
Spendthrift (n)

Spendthrift (adj)
Bad-tempered, irritable
Splenetic (adj)
Occurring only occasionally, or in scattered instances
Sporadic (adj)
Lacking authenticity or validity, false, counterfeit
Spurious (adj)
Sordid, wretched and dirty as from neglect
Squalid (adj)
Wretched or filthy conditions
Squalor (n)
To wate by spending or using irresponsibly
Squander (v)
To stop the flow of a fluid
Stanch (v)
Not moving, active or in motion; at rest
Static (v)
To saturate or completely soak
Steep (v)
Extremely loud and powerful
Stentorian (adj)
To restrain, be sparing or frugal
Stint (v)
restraining and bestowed liberally, respectively
Stinting (adj)

Unstinting (opposite)
Length of time spent in a specific way
Stint (n)
Indifferent to or unaffected by pleasure or pain, steadfast
Stoic (adj)

Stoicism (n)
Striped, grooved, or banded
the bands themselves
Striated (adj)
striations (n)
A structural support used to brace a framework
To brace or support
Strut (n)
Strut (v)
To stun, baffle, or amaze
Stupefy (v)
Gloomy, dark
means or or relating to the river Styx
Stygian (adj)
To block, thwart
Stymie (v)
A court order requiring appearane and/or testimony
Subpoena (n)
Not obvious, elusive, difficult to discern crafty or sly
Subtle (adj)
Brief, concise
Succinct (adj)
Assistance, relief in a time of distress
Succor (n)
Various, miscellaneous, separate
Sundry (adj)
Disdainful, arrogant, haughty, characterized by haughty scorn
Supercilious (adj)
Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary
Superfluous (adj)
Inactive, lying on one's back, apathetic, mentally or morally slack
Supine (adj)
Lying face up
Lying face down
To take the place of, supersede
Supplant (v)
Asking humbly, beseeching
Suppliant (adj)
Beggar, one who prays or begs for something
Supplicant (N)
supplicating (v)
Suppliant (n)
To feed or supply in excess
excess, overindulgence
Surefeit (v)
surefeit (n)
Someone who tries to flatter or please for personal gain, parasite
Sycophant (n)
The combination or parts to make a whole
Synthesis (n)