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What year was WIC enacted
WIC is a _____ grant program
WIc Opearates through how many local agencies?
in how many clinic sites?
and in how many state health departments?
2000 local agencies
10,000 local sites
50 state health departments
The state is responisble for what?
developing, implementing, and monitoring WIC
Congress appropriated how much money for WIC in 2002
4.5 billion
to be elgible on the basis of income applicants must fall at what percent at or below the poverty line?
A person can automatically qualify if....
he particpates in certain other benefit programs or has a family member who does
To be elgible...
preganant women, breast feeding women, non breast feeding postpartum women, infants up to one year, children up to 5
how many new mothers participate
one in four
how many children does WIC help
45 percent
A downfall of WIC is..
it can serve as many people as its budget allows. resulting that only 46 percent of those elgible receive it...long waiting lines
more than how many welfare recipients had problem paying for food despite a high incidence of employment
one third
what percent of families intervied did not have enough food or the right kinds of food after being off welfare for one years
forty percent
working poor families may cut their food budget or turn to
local charity for aid
the average length of a FS application is
12 pages...difficult to read...excessive questions
in 2001 how much did health care spending increase?
115 reach 1.4 trillion
8.7 percent
growth was becasue...
payments increases to medicare providers ....medicare financed one-sixth of overall health care costs
national health expenditure are projected to 2012, growing an average of ....percent anually
3.1 trillion
7.3 percent annually
how many americans have no health insurance
44 million
HMO (Health maintenance organizations) are....
profit driven and the most common type of managed care
HMO is for people who
wat to hold down premiums, dont travel, want insurance that fully pays for routine visits, depend on their doctor entirley to recommend a specialist, are willing to give up choices
a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is for people who...
want to go to a specialist regardless of their doctors opinion, want freedom to choose, travel a lot, dont mind paying a percentag of office visits
losing or changing a job often means
losing insurance.
more and more americans have to give up insurance altogether because
premiums have become expensive
Problems with health care
quality threated (reliable information not available, cant get treated when needed), growing complexity(trying to compare policies is confusing and objective information on quality and service is hard to find), declining choices(have few choices for affordable policies tht provide real protection)
MEDICARE is for people who are...
65 years and older and worked for at least 10 years in medicare covered employment, and some people with disabilities under age 65, people with end stage renal disease (kidney failure)
Medicare has two parts..
part A- hospitals
part b- medical insurance
most people get part A....
they dont have to....
if people didnt pay medicare taxes while they worked and they are 65 and older...
automatically when they turn 65
pay a premium
they may still be able to buy part A
Part B people pay...
enrolling is your...
helps pay for...
premium of...a month in 2003
doctor services
Reasons to buy medigap insurance
w/out it you pay 840 for one night in a hospital
pay 100 percent if you are sick and traveling abroad
no prescription drug benefit
doesnt cover many medical service...routine eye exams.
If you dont buy medigap coverage within six months of enrolling in part B...
you may be declined later or charged higher premiums for pre-existing conditions
in 1965 Medicare was
enacted to cover the elderly
in 1966 medicare was
implemented and more then 19 million individuals enrolled in july
in 1972
medicare coverage was extended to the disabled and to those with permant kidney failure
in 1977
the health care financing adminstration was established to adminster medicare/caid programs
the balanced budget act
medicare served 39 million ppl
medicare prescription drug and modernization act
serve 77 million
Medicare part C
medicare plus choice...
medicare prescrtipn druge and modernization act will begin
it will cost
jan 2006....

35 a month and a 250 deductable...
insurance plan will pay what percent of drug costs up to what amount?
The good of part D....
very low income older person with low assets will receive significant help with the cost of Rx drugs
the bad of part D
a major 2850 gap in coverage where beneficiares receive no assitance with the cost of drugs...asset testing for very low income persons...not effective until 2006
medicaid is the...
largest source of fudnding for medical and helath related services for americas poorest people
what year did medicaid start an effort to provide health care for low income persons who were 65 and over, the blind, disabled, or members of families with dependent chilfren
each state must offer mandatory service dfined by...
the federal government
along with the federal protion of the program each state deicdes what....
other service will be offered and provided at the states discretion
medicaid policies for elgibility, services, and payments are...
complex and vary considerably
individuals are generally eligible for medicaid if they meet the requirements for
categorical needy is considered...
preg. women whose family is below 133 percent of FPF
children under age 6 whose family is at or below 133 percent of FPL
indv. who receive tanf
SSI recipients in most states
recipients of adoption of foster care assitance
all children under 19 in families with incomes at or below FPL
funding medicaid
medicaid is jointly funded by fed. and state government..
fed government contributes to the delivered
states fund those considered to be...

federal government pays about
57 percent of medicaid costs from gen tax reventues....
states also use their own general tax revenues to fund medicaid and under pressure to raise more
an important provision of medicaid is
long term care
medicaid program paid for over what percent of the toal cost of care for persons using nursing facility or home helath services for 2000
forty percent
medicaid is currently the federal governments....
most expensive public assitance program
total medicaid spending rose...what percent between 2000 AND 2002
pros of medicaid
making a substanial effort to insure some of the poor populations
cons of medicad
all poor people arent elgible

phsyicians prefer not to accept medicaid bc the reimbursement percentage is so low

poor quality of services

not require to provide all services for adults (eye care)
SCHIP was initated by the BBA (balance budget act) of 1997 to include...
a greater number of children who are currently uninsured
the ticket to work incentives improvement act of 1999....
continues medicaid coverage to disbabled beneficiares who work despite their disability
low income children deprived of parental support, elderly, blind, disablities

SSI elderly, blind, disabled

pregannt women and infants whose family income was at or below 100 percent of FPL (state option)

AFCD replaced by TANF block grants

BBA created SCHIP
NCLB is the reauthorization of the ....
elementary and secondary education act of 1965
as part of pres. johnson's war on povery he signed...
ESEA into law
the law has been reauthorized every..
4-6 years
reagans response to a nation at risk
first time in american history making schools accountable in return for fed funding
america 2000...
held in educaitnal summit of governors whcih continued the fed focus on accountablity
clintions improving americas school act of 94
ushered in the idea of adequate yearly progress (AYP)
NCLB for the first time...
fed. government is holding states responsible for closing the achievement gap
4 main themes of NCLB
stronger accountability

freedom for states

scientically researched teaching methods

choices for parents
AYP...teachers highly qualified...state report cards
freedom for states
states have increased flexibility on how they choose to spend title one money...districts may consolidate funds
choices for parents
parents may choose another school if their childs school is failing or persistently dangerous
title one is the main component of...

title 2 is for...

improving teacher quality
NCLB had an increase of what percent for fudning by fed government
49 percent

13.3 billion for title one
11.1 billion for special edu.
NCLB targets edu. programs that have been demonstrated...
to be effective through rigorous scientific research
NCLB is an extension of...

reagan first brought...

bush 41 had...

clinton brought....

bush brought
pres. johnson war on poverty

accountability to the forefront

governors summit


NCLB...accountability, flexibilty, scientifally based research, choice
JTPA 1983 job training partnership act replaced...
CETA...comprehensive employment training act.
ceta weknesses
inefficeint, competive employment
pupose of JTPA
promote public and private business commitment to hire targeted groups and disadvantaged workers, decrease government spending
funding is monitored by...
the states with oversight provied from federal government
conclusion of JTPA
modest assitance to diabled and handicapped
WIA...workforce investment act...was signed in
1998 by bill clinton
WIA replaces....
1917 vocational education program, 1920 vocational rehab act, 1933 wagner peyser act, 1963 vocatinal edu act...1971 emergency employment act..
1973 comprehensive employment and training act...job training and partnership act
WIA designed to adress the issue of the...
quality of the workforce
unemployemnt rate in the US to be how many people or how many percent
8.1 million or 5.5 percent
one stops
overall costs and benefits to society is ....
accessible training and employment services, assistance overcoming barriers, skills needed determined by local bus, more accountability of govt agencies, save taxpayer money
what needs to be considered?
numbers of those trained under JTPA are higher the WIA

number of states not meeting negotiated performance standards
overal WIA is a step in the...
right direction
however allowing businesses to control WIA can be left for....
self serving interestes