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А а
Like "a" in car OR "ah"
Б б
Like "b" in bat OR "beh"
В в
Like "v" in van OR "veh"
Г г
Like "g" in go OR "geh"
Д д
Like "d" in dog OR "deh"
Е е
Like "ye" in yet, OR "yeh"
Ё ё
Like "yo" in yonder OR "yo"
Ж ж
Like s in pleasure OR "zheh"
З з
Like "z" in zoo OR "zeh"
И и
Like "ee" in see OR "ee"
Й й
like "y" in toy OR
"ee kratkoyeh"
К к
Like "k" in kitten OR "kah"
Л л
Like "l" in light OR "ehl"
М м
Like "m" in mat OR "ehm"
Н н
Like "n" in no OR "ehn"
О о
Like o in spot or could be Like "a" in car OR "oh"
П п
Like "p" in pot OR "peh"
Р р
Like r in run (rolled) OR "ehr"
С с
Like "s" in sam OR "ehs"
Т т
Like "t" in tap OR "teh"
У у
Like "oo" in boot OR "oo"
Ф ф
Like "f" in fat OR "ehf"
Х х
Like the ch in 'Bach' OR "khah"
Ц ц
Like ts in bits OR "tseh"
Ч ч
Like ch in chip OR "cheh"
Ш ш
Like sh in shut OR "shah"
Щ щ
Like sh in sheep OR "schyah"
Ъ ъ
Not a sound, letter before is hard "tvyordiy znahk"
Ы ы
Like i in ill OR "i"
Ь ь
Not a sound, letter before is soft "myagkeey znahk"
Э э
Like "e" in pet OR "eh"
Ю ю
Like u in use or university OR "yoo"
Я я
Like ya in yard OR "yah"
1 - один
2 - два
3 - три
4 - четыре
5 - пять
6 - шесть
7 - семь
8 - восемь
9 - девять
10 - десять