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Climates of Russia/Eurasia
desert (arid)
steppe (semiarid)
humid continental
humid subtropic
Why are the Aral/Caspian Seas shrinking?
-water is being diverted from tributaries for irrigation
-irrigation canals are NOT lined in concrete
-a climate change has resulted in more evaporation
Which 2 rivers travel northward and are important to Siberia?
Lena and Ob rivers
What is the oldestand deepest freshwater lake on Earth?

"Jewel of Siberia"
Lake Baikal
What physical feature serves as a natural boundary between Asia and Europe?
The Ural Mts.
What word describes a country that produces everything for itself?
What are some troublesome legacies left by the USSR?
-environmental pollution
-economic depression
Why is it not practical to use Russia's natural resources?
Due to their remote location and the harsh climate
What group ruled Central Asia in the 600s?
the Turks
What group ruled Central Asia from 1218-1500s?
the Mongols
What was the name given to the rulers of Russia from 1547-1917? Who was the first?
-czars, tsars

-Ivan IV=Ivan the Terrible
What political party took over Russia in 1917? What type of government did they establish?

Who was the first leader of the Soviet Union? Where did he get the idea for communism?
-Vladimir Lenin

-a book written by Karl Marx
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during WWII and the Cold War? Name the 2 countries involved in the war
Josef Stalin

-United States and Soviet Union
Who was the last leader of the Soviet Union? What year the the Union officially break apart?
Mikhail Gorbachev

What is "glasnost"?
A russian policy of open discussion of problems begun by Gorbachev.
What is the CIS?
Commonwealth of Independent States, the name of the USSR after it broke apart
Who retired as a leader of Russia recently? Who is the current leader?
-Boris Yeltsin

-Vladimir Putin
Where did the worst nuclear disaster occur and when?
Chernobyl, Ukraine

What are the 2 main religions?
Russian Orthodox

Islam in Central Asia (the -stan countries)
What does "icons" mean?
painting of Biblical people or events`
Name some hardships suffered under communism
-poor working conditions
-limited food
-crowded housing
-strictly limited personal freedoms
What 2 things improved under communism.
-health care
Name the important cities of the Trans-siberian railroad
-St. Petersburg
Name the 2 main ports of Russia
-St. Petersburg

Where do the majority of Russians live and why?
-Western Russia

-humid continental climate, closeness to Europe
What is a samovar?
a Russian tea urn
What are Faberge eggs?
Ukrainian egg decorating tradition
Matroishka dolls?
traditional Russian art form in which dolls are made to fit inside one another
Where is Red Square?
Moscow, home to St. Basil's cathedral