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Fear of foreigners
(fear) Russia was surrounded by couniteis that would envade
Olga the Man Burner
burned 2 Mongol messengers. Shows resistance
Karl Marx
Created new philisophical system:change, new ideas
Factors behind Marxism
1. Economics has driven all historic events

2. 2 classes will always struggle: workers & those who control the production process
History in 3 periods
1. Slavery
2. Fuedalism
3. Capitalism
Russian Revolution
Involvement in WWI made monarchs step down
2 Goals after revolution
1. Continue War
2. Pick up economy
What did Lenin want?
A stronger government and stop war in Germany
Lenin's interpertation of Marxsim
any type of workers revolution needs to come from higher power
One good thing Stalin did
Socialism in one country
What Stalin called his massive suffering to the people.
minimize state intervention
Sinatra Doctrine
Find socialism their own way
What was responsible for the fall of the Soviet Empire?
Peristrokia, Sinatra Doctrine, Glastnost
First place to be on its own after the fall of the soviets
what Chechnya represents
National struggle
Jokar Dudayev
Politicain in Chechnya, claimed Chechnya independence
What was independence a problem for Russia?
1. the Union Republic Rule- Russia feared that others would want to break away if Chechnya got to.

2. Crime and drugs brought in a lot of money for Russia and they did not want to let chechnya go.
Vague Autonomy
Space to be independent