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Careen (v)
Roll or tumble out of control
Organges and tin cans careened down the sidewalk
Conceal (v)
To hide
Prey often conceal themselves using camafloge.
Concession (n)
Privalege that is granted
My family made many concessions to allow me time to practice.
Etiquette (n)
Proper manners and behavior
Everyone should know the school etiquette
Foresight (n)
Power to see or know beforehand
Fortune-tellers say they have foresight.
Humility (n)
The state of being humble or modest
She sat proudly, saying with proper humility, "Is Luck!"
Prodigy (n)
A child genious, having extraordinary talent
I was a child prodigy and the great American hope.
Relent (v)
Let up, soften, to give in
At first he refused, but when I offered him that, he relented.
Successive (adj)
Consecutive, one after another (in a row)
The army advanced, slowly marching to each successive level as a single unit.
Tactics (n)
Skillful method used to gain a result
To win a game, you must have some tactics to use.