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Which materials do you need?
*A three ring binder or spiral notebook
*Blue or black ink pens
*sharpened pencils
*a box of colored pencils
*hand pencil sharpener
Can you sharpen pencils in class?
When are the current events homework due?
How many articles for the current events homework do you have to bring in?
What is the only excuse for late homework?
If you're absent
What does a student have to bring to class everyday?
Paper, pencils or pens, and a notebook.
What will happen if you come to class unprepared?
A zero will be recorded starting with the second offense.
Can you bring gum, candy, drinks, or other food to class?
When can you get out of your seat?
At the end of class when the bell rings.
What must you always show to the other students?
Courtesy and respect.
World cultures studies _______________
Eastern hemisphere
Are you required to use pens or pencils?
The teacher will not lend you ______________
pens or pencils
How many sports articles can you bring in for current events?
one or none
What kind of articles for current events can be two articles or all?
World and local.
Can you turn in late articles?
Do you share your notebook for all 4 core subjects?
Can you use the class sharpener?
Definatly not