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-Victor in the War of the Roses against King Richard III
-New monarch
Henry VII
-Anglican church
-Act of supremacy made him Church of England when pope refused to grant him a divorce
Henry VIII
-English Church became more Protestant
Edward VI
-Persecuted the Protestants
-nickmaned bloody Mary
Mary I
-Last of Tudors to rule England
-Issued Thirty-Nine articles saying that Anglican Church would be Prot. but keep Catholic ceremonies
Queen Elizabeth I
-Son of Mary Queen of Scots
-Began trouble with Parliament
James I
-Civil War: Parliament vs. King
-Ruled for 11 years without Parliament
Charles I
-Military Dictatorship after Charles I defeated
-Common Wealth
Oliver Cromwell
-Came to power through Restoration of 1660
-Test act of 1673
Charles II