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What are 4 main effects of the Rubella virus?
1. Vasculopathy
2. Inhibition of Mitosis
3. Chromosomal breakage.
3. Infarcts
What is the classic triad of congenital rubella?
1. Heart deformity
2. Cataracts
3. Deafness
Is there a treatment for rubella?
What population is targeted with the rubella vaccine?
Child-bearing age/college students
How is rubella not diagnosed?
Cell culture - it produces no CPE.
How IS rubella diagnosed?
Via the production of interferon in a culture media after secondary exposure to the virus.
What type of virus is the rubella virus?
Enveloped ssRNA virus
What happens after a primary infection with rubella?
Protection for LIFE!
What symptoms are seen in a rubella RE-infection?
-Scanty virus excretion from throat for 1-4 days.
-Rise in IgG titer
What symptoms are seen in PRIMARY rubell infectiona?
Rash, Virus excr 1-3 days, viremia, transplacent. passage, IgG AND IgM antibodies.
Are the symptoms from a rubella vaccine more like primary or secondary infections?
How are vaccine symptoms NOT like primary infection?
-Shorter incubation (7-10 days inst. of 14-21)
-Rarely a rash