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3 energy pathways of temp.
Q- radiation head (Qin and Qout)
C- sensible heat
E- latent heat
What are the 4 physical factors for trees?
Light, Temperature, Water, Soil Quality
What is SPAC?
Soil-plant-atmosphere continum, water moving as a continuous stream
What are the components of water potential?
Pressure component
osmotic potential
matric potential
gravitational potential
What is WUE?
Water-Use Efficiency, mg C fixed divided by g water lost
How do you measure photosyntesis?
Cuvette method, carbon 14 method?
Thin leaves have a ____ light compensation point
Thin leaves repirate more or less?
Define dioecious
Individual plants having individual sexes (ie male tree and a female tree)
Define keystone
some precies that makes a huge difference to an environment
What is and what are the advantages of vegetative reproduction?
reproducing without sex, very reliable but no genetic variance and no range of growth
define masting
synchronous abundant flowering in a location