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platos 3 parts of the soul
one loves wisdom
one loves honor
one loves appitites and lust
mere public opinion
true knowlege
health as defined by plato
a state where one is in full posetion of ones physical and mental powers and can direct them towards good.
according to plato art must
involve a class of objects and techne
have some sort of good result
bring health to body and soul
must find out all knowlege there is to find
adapt it to the audiece
organize it into sub groups
must use appropriate style
significance of story of the doctor
example of persuasion as a knack or con
significance of story of the charioteer
must work hard to tame both sides of your personality in order to be peaceful
significance of the story of the horse and the ass
just because audience is ignorant doesnt make it less of a lie. dont be too lazy to find out the whole truth